5 Ways to be a Responsible Traveller

5 Ways to be a Responsible Traveller

Since the dawn of flight in the 20 century, the travel industry has boomed, making it possible for the everyday person to discover destinations found on the other side of the planet. It’s this very accessibility to travel that allows us to widen our horizons, but it also threatens the welfare of global environments, cultures and heritage. With more and more people traveling internationally every year, it’s become vital for us to travel responsibly, ensuring a sustainable tourism industry that will allow future generations to experience the wonders of travel too.

Here are five ways we can make a difference:

Consider your Mode of Transport

The impact on climate change differs significantly from one mode of travel to another. Besides walking or cycling, coach travel is your best bet when choosing a responsible mode of transport, as it causes less pollution per passenger mile than any other form of motorized transport. In fact, traveling by coach creates 85% less carbon dioxide per passenger mile than car and air travel and nearly 40% less than rail. As a leader in luxury coach travel, Insight Vacations’ fleet of state-of-the-art motor-coaches is among the most efficient in Europe, complying with EU emissions standards.


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