Documentation & Travel Health



You can't leave home without the proper documentation.  Many countries have different entry rules regarding passports or other identification required.  In fact some countries required that you obtain a visa stamped in your passport prior to arrival.  Some countries make you pay for a visa on arrival.  The rules can be complex so click here for a tool to assist you in obtaining the correct information for your upcoming trip.  


Blowes Travel & Cruise Centres Inc. strongly recommends that you obtain a new passport if yours is due expire within the next 6 months.  Please visit Passport Canada's (click here) website to obtain forms and information.  Our offices also have passport applications in stock if you prefer to pick one up.  If you are not a Canadian citizen please contact the nearest consulate or embassy of your country of citizenship to obtain information.


Another important factor when traveling is your health.  The Government of Canada publishes the most current information about travelers health,  Click here for a link to their website.


Blowes Travel & Cruise Centres Inc. recommends consulting a physician or local Health Authority prior to travel if you have any questions or concerns.   


Do not leave the Province of Ontario without having health insurance. OHIP will not cover everything even within Canada. We sell insurance policies for travelers going within Canada only and also outside of Canada.  Please ask us for a quote.