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AVALON WATERWAYS - ROMANTIC RHINE - May 2016 by Heather Hines  - London Office

PORTIMAO, PORTUGAL - September 2016 by Karen McKenzie  - London Office

COSTA DEL SOL, SPAIN  - September 2016 by Michelle Toth  - London Office

THE BEST OF EGYPT  - April 2016 by Lesley Dodge  - Strathroy Office 

ROCKY MOUNTAINEER JOURNEY  - July 2016 by Jennifer Chedore  - London Office

SECRETS AKUMAL RESORT IN MEXICO  - June 2016 by Jennifer Chedore  - London Office

SAMANA: PEACEFUL PARADISE IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - May 2016 by Terri Finnie - Stratford Office

NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR - April 2016 by Bruce McIntosh - Stratford Office



PEACEFUL PARADISE: MAYAN RIVIERA - November 2015 by Heather Hines, London Office

IRELAND'S COAST Part 1  and Part 2 - October 2015 by Karen McKenzie, London Office

PERU AND MACHU PICCHU - November 2015 by Rob Blowes, Stratford Office

OCEANIA CRUISE AROUND THE BRITISH ISLES - June  2015 by Heather Hines, London Office

SPRINGTIME IN ENGLAND - March 2015 by Michelle Toth, London Office

PLATINUM YUCATAN PRINCESS RESORT, MEXICO - March 2015 By Barb Westgate, London Office

ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISE - March 2015  By Rob Blowes, Stratford Office



COOK ISLAND ADVENTURE Part 1 - 2014   By Heather Hines, London Office

COOK ISLAND ADVENTURE Part 2 - 2014   By Heather Hines, London Office

WALES - THE GEM IN THE BRITISH CROWN - 2014  By Michelle Toth, London Office

CELEBRITY REFLECTION MED CRUISE - 2014   By Barb Westgate, London Office

EMERALD RIVER CRUISING - 2014   By Jennifer Chedore, London Office

NORTHUMBERLAND, ENGLAND - 2014 By Karen McKenzie, London Office

COSTA RICA - 2014   By Michelle Toth, London Office

 PORTUGAL  - 2014    By Heather Hines, Manager, London Office