I discovered long ago that one of the best way to kill time during those long summer holidays is to have a road trip. Getting friends to accompany you is however not very easy. Here is a few tricks I have used to get my friends to accompany me

Travel Tips: Things You Can Do To Entice Your Friends To Accompany You On A Road Trip

When you are young and still in school, high-end holiday destinations are usually out of your league. Only the rich kids can afford to go to Hawaii on holiday with their girlfriends. Besides, planned holidays usually looks like an 'old folk’s sort of thing'. You reckon that you are better off throwing a Saturday night party in place of a 1-month holiday.

Unfortunately, parties are overrated. You drink yourself silly and the following day you are nursing 'shaming' hangover. I discovered long ago that one of the best way to kill time during those long summer holidays is to have a road trip. Getting friends to accompany you is however not very easy. Here is a few tricks I have used to get my friends to accompany me. You can use them too.

Offer to Pay for Everything

You can offer to pay for all the road trip expenses. What usually happens is that your buddies will let you pay for their expenses on the first day. The following day they will get embarrassed for taking handouts and will start chipping in.

Get a Sleek Auto-mobile

I had an uncle who used to lend me his car as long as I returned it without ‘dents’. There is nothing as interesting as driving around with a high-end car - especially if you are young. Girls are always awed. You will have a very easy time attracting the opposite sex...I doubt your friends are going to pass up the chance of meeting beautiful girls all over the country.

Make an Interesting Itinerary

Going on a road trip should be complimented by fun things to do on the road. I found out that during summer there were a lot of festivities and parties that were free to attend all over the country. I used to plan my road trip to coincide with these parties.

Convince their Girlfriends/Boyfriends to Come With You

I know this sounds corny, but it is the surest way to get your friends to come with you. Nobody is going to let you go with their girlfriend on a road trip during summer unless they are on the trip too.

Call in a Favor

If your friends owe you some favors, it is time to call them in. They may feel that you are blackmailing them, but after an interesting road trip, they will thank you for asking them to come with you.

Road trips are a fun way of spending your summer. You get to see the country, meet new people, go to a lot of parties and get out of your town for some time. Road trips can be boring if you go alone, but with some friends, it is the best holiday experience ever!


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