We Need This: Recharge App Lets you Book Hotels By the Minute
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No, not for that. Well, sure, maybe for that.  If you and your sweetheart get inspired for some spontaneous romance, there's a new app that let's you be that much more spontaneous.

This is not the business of the world's oldest profession booking shady hotel rooms by the hour. 

The Recharge app gives you billed-by-the-MINUTE access to a luxury hotel room.  You pay for your room for exactly as long as you need it, and not one minute more. Tested originally in San Francisco, and now expanded to New York, where any luxury hotel room easily rings in at $500 a night, Recharge can make many travelers' experiences better. In New York, Recharge's by-the-minute prices range from $0.83 to $2 a minute.

Whether your goal is to relax or be productive, we (and the app's developers, who worked with JetBlue's tech incubator) think this will change your travel life.

Wardrobe malfunction?  No more stress of struggling to get that stain out of your shirt or deal with a burst diaper in a random coffee shop bathroom.  15 minutes in a private, spacious bathroom with a sink and facecloth and a hand-held hair dryer rings in from $12.45 – $30.

Need a power nap? 20 minutes of a bed better than the one you have at home and silence will cost you between $16.60 and 40 bucks.

Foot sore and weary from pounding the pavement / museum galleries, and no time to go all the way back to your hotel at the other end of town?   60 minutes to deal with those blisters, put your feet up, make a cup of coffee, even take a quick shower for $49.80 to $120 seems worth it.

Two and a half hours in silence to catch up on mission-critical email or update your presentation using reliable WiFi – or put over-stimulated (that is: cranky) kids down for a nap/ quiet time so the whole family gets to truly enjoy the rest of the day – or reset after a red-eye and before your day officially starts?  As they say, priceless.

Once you start thinking about it, you realize you don't know how you ever traveled without an app like this. Nursing moms. A quick change from day to evening business meetings. Who doesn't need on-demand, affordable access to a luxury hotel refuge to make your trip better?

There are other web-based hotel day-use options, but they tend to give you designated morning or afternoon time-slots. This is more like a parking meter app.  You can start any time you pull in, and only pay for as long as you're in that space.

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The app will locate the hotel closest to you, and you hit 'book now'.  Your actual billing starts 30 minutes later or once you pick up your key, whichever comes first, then ends when you hit 'check out'.   That minute.  If it's 49 minutes later, you're billed 49 minutes, not an hour.  You don't have to feed or worry about the meter.

At the moment only available in San Francisco and now New York.  But we're looking forward to 'Recharge'ing globally in the future.

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