What Cabin Should You Book on a Cruise?

Here are some tips on what cabin to choose on your next cruise. Reprinted from cruiseradio.net

What Cabin Should You Book on a Cruise?

When considering what type of cabin you want, generally, the more desirable cabins (i.e., more expensive) are on the top decks of a ship. They almost always sell out first.

The old adage used to be, don’t worry about your cabin; you won’t spend much time there to begin with. Actually, that’s not true. Since cruise lines have shifted to the concept of thinking of a ship as a self-contained resort, more emphasis has been placed on making your cabin as comfortable (and larger) as possible.

For example, some people wonder about getting an outside cabin with a balcony. This, of course, is almost entirely dependent on the cruise and the weather. If you’re cruising the Caribbean with wonderfully warm weather, you’ll want that balcony!  If the weather is somewhat temperate, you can sit outside and enjoy splendid scenery. On the other hand, if it is blustery weather as sometimes happens to and from Alaska, you probably won’t think that a balcony is such a good deal.

You may want to consider having a cabin with a balcony.  Springing for a balcony gives you your own piece of paradise when the decks get crowded and lets you have a private sail away party in every port!

Selection of your cabin may also affect whether you feel the ship “rock & roll”.  If you’re prone to seasickness, your best bet is to book a cabin near the middle of the ship to minimize the wavy feeling as the ship moves across the water.

You might want to study the ship’s diagram in the brochure or online, and book space in a category that has fewer cabins than others on a guarantee basis. The upside to this little trick is that with fewer cabins in the category booked, your chances of being upgraded to a nicer cabin/higher deck is better. With an actual cabin number assignment, the chance of an upgrade lessens. The downside, of course, is that with a full ship, the guaranteed category could result in a cabin assignment in that category, so one must be prepared to be satisfied with it.

- cruiseradio.net


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