Testimonials from our clients

Secrets Silversands Cancun was a perfect choice for our honeymoon!

Trevor, London ON - (trip to Cancún Quintana Roo Mexico)

Secrets Silversands Cancun was a perfect choice. The weather was not only perfect every single day, but the staff, food and drinks were exceptional. Every part of our trip was first class. We didn't partake in any of the excursions or entertainment but I can say that absolutely every other part was amazing. I would definitely recommend this resort to anyone. 

Thank you for your help in getting us there, Michelle!

Angie, our Napa Valley trip was a delight!

Adrian and Julie, London , ON - (trip to San Francisco CA USA)

Let us tell you it was a SURPRISE AND DELIGHT week! The modes of transportation were greater than I expected. We did airplane, train, automobile, boat, hot air balloon, trolley, bus, SUV and large van!!!

The accommodations (Hotel Zoe and Candlelight Inn) were fantastic with fabulous breakfasts every morning. The Napa Valley wine tours were to die for! Abbey Golden from Platypus Tours is someone you should ask for when planning future clients trips to Napa. She was an executive chef and has excellent knowledge of wines and local Wineries. She also went above and beyond in providing us with fabulous lunches to soak up the vino. 

The bottom line is Angie, you put together a flawless itinerary with very professional local resources to make our week a memorable one for all four of us. 

Thank you so much!


Thank you Beth for making our vacation to Jamaica the best!

Laura and Murary, London, ON - (trip to Jamaica)

The trip to RIU Reggae resort in Jamaica was great. Weather was good and the food was the best we have had in a resort. The people are so nice. The hotel was beautiful and the beds were so comfortable. We all want to go back again for sure. We had a lot of the staff running up to us to take picture and to exchange email with us when we were leaving the resort to go home. They all called us their Canadian family.  

We did the Dunns River Falls which was great and we did a night tour of Rose Hall that is suppose to be haunted. This was a lot of fun. We also did night Luminous Lagoon which was so cool. We also took the catamaran cruise to Montego Bay and did some snorkeling. The all adult resort is so great. We will do this again for sure. The limo drivers were the best. I felt sorry for the driver coming home because we were over two hours late coming home. The plane started to the runway and than we had to go back for more fuel. So the driver was not aware of us being delayed. He had all long wait at airport for us. We gave him extra tip.

Thank you again Beth for all your help. My family all said that you are the best for helping make our vacation go so smoothly. We will connect you again when we are ready to go back. I hope soon!

We can’t thank you enough for all the work you did on putting this trip to Scotland together.

Lisa and Dave, London, ON - (trip to Edinburgh UK)
RIT (Royal Irish Tours) – Edinburgh delight This was an amazing start to the vacation. The hotel was great and right in the middle of the royal mile. In fact we probably could have stayed a full 3 to 4 days there is so much to see. We couldn’t fit it all in! It was nice to have a home base for a few days and know the hotel had been paid for but be able to come and go as we pleased. We really enjoyed the hop on hop off pass as well. That’s a great way to see certain locations of choice and see what is of interest and spend as much or as little time as we wanted at certain areas. The tour to St. Andrews and fishing villages was great as well. Got to see some really interesting little towns, one where they shoot the Outlander TV series. We had ample time to wander around ourselves in St. Andrews and look at the golf course, spend some time wandering the beach and town. ‎ Rabbies – Isle of Skye: This we have to say was a highlight. An absolutely incredible experience. Our driver Aaron made it particularly special. He let everyone introduce themselves and had “researched” us a little before the tour. We both thought it was a nice touch. He went out of his way to please everyone and was always engaging and very knowledgeable and basically a hoot to be around. One fellow on our bus wanted to climb up to Old Man of Storr so Aaron let whomever out (including us) who wanted to do that and took the rest of the people into Portree. He went out of his way to let us see the bridge used for Harry Potter and tried to time it so the train would be crossing. He also took us through a much more scenic view of the Highlands and also asked if we wanted to take the ferry over to Skye which we all agreed to for 6.50 each. The scenery is outstanding everywhere and a hiker’s/biker’s dream. This is a place we would both go back to. So many little places we stopped at for delicious baked goods (now I know why my mom had a sweet tooth) and tried Sticky Toffee Pudding in Portree, the best dessert in the world at The Granary a wonderful place to eat. Angus our host at Woodlands B&B was so great. The room was very spacious and spotless. The breakfast was delicious and hearty. Angus also shuttled us from town square to ‘home’ if we desired. He would drive through town square at 9:30 p.m. and if we were there we could get a ride and if not, no big deal. When we told Aaron we had to be to Tulloch Castle, it turned out that the taxi would have cost about £100 or more from where he could drop us off as our tour bus was not going to Inverness at the time we needed it to. He tried to get us on another Rabbies bus so we could get closer to our destination for free but there was no space available. He thought about it overnight and made a detour from the tour route and dropped us off at a Citylink bus stop at Invermoriston, a corner of sorts in the middle of nowhere. LOL Sure enough the CityLink coach bus came by 15 minutes later and for £10 each we made it to Inverness in an hour. What a great economical way to get around. From there we were able to take a taxi to Dingwall. Can’t say enough great things about Aaron. Dingwall – Tulloch Castle: In hindsight we wouldn’t have done this. It was very very expensive and our time would have been better spent for 2 nights in Inverness. The meal was fine and the room was fine but not much happening in Dingwall. The ghost didn’t even haunt us. LOL There was a ghost tour leaving from the bar, but it never materialized, much like the ghost. Inverglen Guest House – Inverness: Dave had contacted Susan and John and asked if we could drop off our luggage after we checked out of Tulloch so we wouldn’t be saddled with it for the day. We took a taxi back to Inverness and met John. Their house was lovely, spacious and such gracious hosts. He provided a map to get around Inverness, so we had a great time wandering around, looking through shops where there was just too much great shopping and restaurants, and took walks along the river. I had the best Cullen Skink ever at Number 27! Susan and John had also put together a list of their favorite places to eat. Inverness is a beautiful town, relaxing, clean, lots to see with several bridges to cross and see the sights from both sides. The breakfast Susan and John provided was better than the restaurants! Absolutely great stay overall. (they booked this B & B) Backroads Tour – Orkney Islands: This tour was a bit of a different feel, quite a bit of an older crowd than Rabbies, seemed like more driving, although in the end it made no difference. The pace overall was slower. Our bus driver Roddy was great. He took it upon himself to search out new, out of the way locations, he himself had not visited before. He took a lot of joy and pride in researching. Roddy was a mountaineer, runner, really amazing active man, very knowledgeable, interesting to talk to and extremely accommodating. He was extremely gracious in splitting his down time amongst all of us to chat and get to know us as individuals. And again, he went out of his way to please including taking us to the house where John Rae the explorer was born. It really was back roads. It was nice to have most things paid for in advance, ferry, hotels, entrance fees to the sites, most food, dinners were great, especially the last dinner together in Wick. A really nice dining experience. The West End Hotel in Kirkwall was a little interesting. Just enough room for the bed and washroom and the two of us and luggage. We also had a little unexpected adventure when we stopped to explore Brough of Birsay. We lingered a little too long laying on the ground peering over a cliff face looking for Puffins when Roddy realized the tide had started to come in and the water started to cover the causeway. Let’s just say it took a couple of days for a few of us to dry our shoes out! And we DID see Puffins! 3 of them. Well worth the wet feet. The history and Neolithic villages were incredible. It’s amazing to think of how old these settlements are and being able to get inside a few of them was surreal, hard to fathom really. Truly a remarkable experience. And more souvenirs! Also the local dairy (ice cream) and cheeses are amazing. The ferry ride over allows for some amazing pictures of the cliffs on the island of Hoy as you approach your destination. The boat has a side outdoor viewing area perfect for snapping pics. Some of the cafes we stopped at which seemed like the middle of nowhere had the best lunches and treats as well. We really can’t say enough about what we experienced on the Orkneys. The train ride from Inverness to Edinburgh was 3.5 hours. A great way to travel, comfortable, and more great scenery. With the tickets we bought we were able to change our times without a penalty, twice, to fit our timetable. The attendant at the station was so accommodating and we had a chance to converse with a couple of young local lads on route to Glasgow for a concert. Holiday Inn express – our last evening. Overpriced, noisy. But it’s understandable given location and people are coming and going at all hours for flights. Just don’t expect to get much sleep especially if there’s a BeeGee’s tribute on TV. The breakfast is available starting at 4 a.m. which was very convenient and the shuttle runs every 10 minutes to the airport which is a bonus. Overall, this trip was a dream come true. It’s hard to comprehend how much we took in, how much area we covered. It felt like home. I felt like I never wanted to leave Edinburgh when I first saw it. It was so special to get a feel for my Scottish heritage and I realized how British my mom actually was with her black and white puddings, tea and crumpets and scones and sweets! Even the red hair was a delight to see! Something you take for granted as a younger person. We’ll never forget the feeling of arriving in Edinburgh. It was like scenery from a fantasy book. People are friendly and sincere, helpful, the sites are out of this world. An unforgettable experience of a lifetime. It was a great mix of time on our own to explore and being guided. I think when you’re on a schedule and have limited amount of time and want to see as much as Dave and I did, it’s probably the best way to go. Sometime down the road if we want to go back we’ll have a better idea of where we might want to spend more time for example. But in the end it was all fantastic Can’t thank you enough for all the work you did on putting the trip together, Heather. We sincerely appreciate it.

We had a fabulous trip! Your organization was fantastic, Lindsay!

Alison and Phillip, Strathroy - (trip to Italy)

Your organization for our Mediterranean Cruise on the Royal Princess was fantastic.  Each stop and transfer went like clock-work, and that made for easier travel. 

The ship was great.  Very new and clean.  Our room was very spacious, the bed comfortable, the balcony lovely.  The location mid-ship likely helped with the movement.  I was more conscious of a constant vibration but I doubt most people would be aware of it.  Mid-ship also was a handy location from which to get around the ship.

For such a large ship we were pleasantly surprised at how cosy it seemed, we could get to everything easily.  And we were also surprised that it never ever seemed crowded with people.  Even leaving and arriving back to the boat after days/tours in port had minimal wait time and were organized very smoothly.  They did a tremendous job of the transfer to and from ship!

A few things of note though were a sense of being nickel-and-dimed. The drink packages, alcohol and non-alcohol were expensive (unless you are both very heavy drinkers which we are not) but to be constantly offered "water bottles for sale" began to be a bit annoying. Also many of the social activities throughout the day were geared  to promoting their stores and services.

As well everyone on the ship was very polite and we had a couple noteably great staff (our cabin manager, and our assistant waiter at dinner) but there was certainly a helpful but casual attitude from most of the staff.  Almost 30 dollars a day in tips was not reflected in the speed/attentiveness of service.  Casual seemed to increase with days at sea. 

Also we were surprised that all the "specialty dining places" came with a significant cost. We are used to Caribbean all- inclusive where everyone gets a certain number of specialty options.  Would be interested in how other cruise lines organize their services.

Itinerary - we loved Rome and could have used another day there, or gone to the ship much later on the transfer day.  The hotel was very well placed for us to get around easily from.  Vatican tour - our excellent guide made the experience!

We enjoyed all of our ports but as Philip comments, they began to look the same after a bit.   For me, I did find the 10 days at sea long, for a first time and not being the best traveler.  We might have found 7 days enough the first time around.  Or 7 plus a few days saved for the last port. 

We especially liked Italy, Pompeii, Dubrovnik, Montenegro.  We  found our later calls of port less different, or perhaps getting tired.  Sorry we missed out on Mt.Etna and Taormina. We ended up just striking out on our own instead of taking the tour in a couple of ports and our port time tended to dwindle in the later days.

 We had a wonderful time!!!  And we recognize that you had us organized to the moment which made our travel smooth and comfortable (I just grabbed your package and and was ready for the next adventure).

Thank you again for your time, your organization (and your hand-holding).  We had a very memorable trip and we will certainly come to see you again when we decide to plan another one.

 Regards,  Alison

Couple loved their Insight coach tour of Scandinavia

Linda and Dave, London, ON - (trip to Norway)

We had a full, enjoyable two week immersion in Nordic culture, and after travelling 3000 km by bus we have lots of pictures to organize. There were 38 travelling companions from a variety of places (Saudi Arabia, India, New Zealand, Australia, Georgia, North Carolina, New York State, California, Philippines, 3 Canadians, a British tour guide and Hungarian driver). Fortunately the group was generally within the same age range and everyone got along well.

Some days the bus ride was long and there was a general consensus, which most people expressed on the Insight survey, that the trip should be a couple of days longer or a few km shorter. I felt that we got a good sampling of the highlights and there was a variety of optional excursions to meet different interests. There was never any pressure from the tour guide to sign up for the optionals. Some people participated in all of them while others were more selective. We participated in only one excursion because we felt that their prices were inflated and that we could usually do the same visit on our own for sometimes half the price. (i.e the Vasa Museum in Stockholm). The included guided walking tours were always good. 

For the most part the accommodations were 4 star, but in a couple of smaller centers there obviously wasn't a lot of choice. Due to the distances travelled some days we didn't arrive at the hotel destination until early evening, so that by the time you got your luggage, got settled, and had dinner you didn't see too much of the town or hotel. It was simply a place to sleep before heading out early the next morning. The breakfasts were included each day and usually offered a good selection. Complimentary wine and beer was served at the welcome dinner, a mid-trip dinner and the final dinner. 

I think the biggest advantage to this coach trip is the fact that we got to see a lot of the interior of Norway and the fjords. Flying from city to city would be faster and give more time in each location but you wouldn't see the countryside. Train travel would be faster, but the coach tour allowed for more incidental scenic stops and a better opportunity to experience the little towns, resort areas and lovely countryside. After seeing the size of the cruise ships, the idea of sailing around the fjords didn't appeal to us either. Fortunately there weren't many ships sailing yet, so we weren't competing with the large number of people disembarking into port. 

A number of the people on the trip had travelled with Insight before and obviously enjoyed their different itineraries. Depending upon the country and availability of other travel/tour options we would consider travelling with Insight again. There are pros and cons to coach travel but overall we had a good trip without any serious complaints.

Thanks, Heather, for helping us once again. Haven't decided where to go next but we still have lots of places on our bucket list!

Thanks, Beth, for taking so much of the stress out of trying to book this myself!

David and Amanda, London, ON - (trip to Cayo Coco Cuba)

The Iberostar Playa Pilar resort in Cayo Coco resort was nice – our room and everywhere we went was always clean.  We got our king bed and ocean view room no issues – and a lovely birthday bottle of champagne was waiting for us so thank you!  Our room was in Bungalow #3 and looked out on the rocky coastline and ocean…it felt like we were the only ones there as there was zero foot traffic from the resort in that area!  The entire staff was friendly, the entertainment was great and it was a great adult getaway for us.

The food was better than I remember for Cuba – and the Japanese a la Carte was fantastic. 

Beachfront was great  (but we wouldn’t go there with kids) – always lots of beach chairs available and a short walk along the boardwalk to get into the ocean…the first four days we were there the weather was perfect and there were no waves.  You could see all the way to the bottom…great for snorkelling!

Only 2 “complaints” if you want to call them that – first being the mosquitos at night!  If there was little or no wind, they were all over us and bug spray did NOTHING.  There was one night that was TERRIBLE.  Oddly there was nothing on Trip Advisor in anything we read about mosquitos so I’m wondering if it was a timing thing and they all hatched right before we got there! As we left the resort, you could see how many standing ponds of water there were which explained the bugs.  The other thing is the HORRENDOUS amount of “towel” reserving that happened.  We never got a spot at the pool or on the boardwalk at the beach…everything was always “taken” even though you wouldn’t see people there for hours at a time.  I’m not sure what time those people got up but we were never up early enough. Fortunately, we found our spot on the beach and were happy there every day.  I’m not sure what the resort can do about that and I know that is a common problem many places.

We don’t see ourselves going back there in the near future – partly due to the mosquitos but partly due to our kids – the next trip we will be bugging you about will be in a few years when we do a sunny destination with them to a more kid-friendly beach resort!

This trip was epic! G adventures is incredible!

Lauren and John, Strathroy, ON - (trip to Machu)

Everything went seamlessly! And we had an amazing group. We got a real taste of Peru and the spiritual Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. G Adventures really give the best tours and have the best guides!

I can’t even put into words how indescribable Peru and Machu Picchu and just the trip in general was It was so amazing….. everyone there was so friendly. It was neat as well because the vibe of everyone was amazing. Its like a backpackers dream there Everyone who is searching for themselves or answers in life goes there it seems to find something bigger than themselves and even just for a challenge. So incredible. 

We will definitely be using you, Monica, in the future every time we book a trip!

Young family were impressed with Memories Flamenco, in Cayo Coco

Erin, Strathroy, ON - (trip to Cayo Coco, Cuba)

We had a wonderful trip to Memories Flamenco Cayo Coco.  We all were very impressed with the property. We thought the vegetation and gardens were quite nice. The kids (9 and 11) loved the pools.  I guess in December they redid the beach and brought in a huge machine that pumps sand from the ocean to create a bigger beach.  So the beach is much improved from before and it is absolutely gorgeous.

 They do bus trips to Pilar Beach which is 40 mins away and apparently is an outstanding world famous beach.  We were going to do this bus trip but once getting to the resort and talking to the resort tour people we decided not to go because the Memories Flamenco beach is just as beautiful as Pilar Beach.  And now Pilar Beach is building big resorts at either ends so there is big cranes that ruin the view.  I hope that all makes sense. 

We found for the most part the workers at the resort were very friendly. More friendly then we found them to be when we went to Holguin. The food was just 'okay'.  But we expected this and it didn't really bother us.  It is worth noting that there is NOT 110 volts in the room.  It was suggested on Trip Advisor that there was (and there is 110 volt on the wall hair dryer but it didn't work).  

 The only complaints that we have are:
the beds were VERY VERY hard
- t
he system of getting or reserving the beach palapas was ridiculous.  We went to the beach at 6:30 am in the morning to get a palapas for shade and even at that early hour they were all taken because the resort workers place items of their own on the chairs and you can only get them if you gave the workers the appropriate amount of money.  

We would definitely go back to this resort. Thank you for suggesting the valet parking.  It certainly was worth the money.

Thanks for all your help in preparation for the trip.

The Generations in the Mayan Riviera was one of the best trips we have ever had!

Bill and Susan, London, ON - (trip to Riviera Maya Quintana Roo Mexico)

The service at the Generations hotel was great from the moment we arrived.  Immediate room upgrade, no hesitation (yep, Jaccuzzi tub and infinity pool on the 4th floor balcony).  Concierge service was perfect.  Two staff members were assigned to us and took care of any questions or things we wanted – very helpful (and we were not hassled to buy a time share, or into their club).  Meals were the best of any resort.  Resort was small, all the restaurants in one place, elevators – made it easy for Susan to get around. 

Our flight left 2 ¼ hours late, otherwise Transat did an awesome job with buses etc. and we used them for three off resort expeditions – they always seem to pick the best tours with the most service oriented staff. 

The only issues we could think of were 1) spa and wine credits were pretty useless, as the prices were entirely out of sight to begin with (Susan said three times more expensive than in London) and 2) dress code for dinner was disregarded – I know it’s a resort so they can’t enforce it.  I would consider going back to El Dorado, their adults only next door.

Anyway, thank you Beth for an awesome trip!  

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