Testimonials from our clients

Young family were impressed with Memories Flamenco, in Cayo Coco

Erin, Strathroy, ON - (trip to Cayo Coco, Cuba)

We had a wonderful trip to Memories Flamenco Cayo Coco.  We all were very impressed with the property. We thought the vegetation and gardens were quite nice. The kids (9 and 11) loved the pools.  I guess in December they redid the beach and brought in a huge machine that pumps sand from the ocean to create a bigger beach.  So the beach is much improved from before and it is absolutely gorgeous.

 They do bus trips to Pilar Beach which is 40 mins away and apparently is an outstanding world famous beach.  We were going to do this bus trip but once getting to the resort and talking to the resort tour people we decided not to go because the Memories Flamenco beach is just as beautiful as Pilar Beach.  And now Pilar Beach is building big resorts at either ends so there is big cranes that ruin the view.  I hope that all makes sense. 

We found for the most part the workers at the resort were very friendly. More friendly then we found them to be when we went to Holguin. The food was just 'okay'.  But we expected this and it didn't really bother us.  It is worth noting that there is NOT 110 volts in the room.  It was suggested on Trip Advisor that there was (and there is 110 volt on the wall hair dryer but it didn't work).  

 The only complaints that we have are:
the beds were VERY VERY hard
- t
he system of getting or reserving the beach palapas was ridiculous.  We went to the beach at 6:30 am in the morning to get a palapas for shade and even at that early hour they were all taken because the resort workers place items of their own on the chairs and you can only get them if you gave the workers the appropriate amount of money.  

We would definitely go back to this resort. Thank you for suggesting the valet parking.  It certainly was worth the money.

Thanks for all your help in preparation for the trip.

The Generations in the Mayan Riviera was one of the best trips we have ever had!

Bill and Susan, London, ON - (trip to Riviera Maya Quintana Roo Mexico)

The service at the Generations hotel was great from the moment we arrived.  Immediate room upgrade, no hesitation (yep, Jaccuzzi tub and infinity pool on the 4th floor balcony).  Concierge service was perfect.  Two staff members were assigned to us and took care of any questions or things we wanted – very helpful (and we were not hassled to buy a time share, or into their club).  Meals were the best of any resort.  Resort was small, all the restaurants in one place, elevators – made it easy for Susan to get around. 

Our flight left 2 ¼ hours late, otherwise Transat did an awesome job with buses etc. and we used them for three off resort expeditions – they always seem to pick the best tours with the most service oriented staff. 

The only issues we could think of were 1) spa and wine credits were pretty useless, as the prices were entirely out of sight to begin with (Susan said three times more expensive than in London) and 2) dress code for dinner was disregarded – I know it’s a resort so they can’t enforce it.  I would consider going back to El Dorado, their adults only next door.

Anyway, thank you Beth for an awesome trip!  

Our first trip to Mexico was great!

James and Sharon, Strathroy - (trip to Riviera Maya Quintana Roo Mexico)

Thanks for helping us with our first trip, Lindsay. I think it went fantastic! The resort, Luxury Bahia Principe Akumal, was great. It was so easy to get around.  We had access to all 4 properties. We never had to wait very long for a trolley to get from place to place.

The property was immaculate right from the highway to the room. Everything was clean, the gardens were beautiful, the pools were great and the beaches were being kept clean.  The beaches were fairly rocky and water shoes are definitely necessary. The wave barriers worked great so we could spend time in  the water on windy days. 

The food was great. It was difficult to get into the al acarte restaurants.  We had to book almost as soon as we checked in. We were able to get one for every night but didn't have much choice of time and had a very limited choice of which restaurants we got. We enjoyed all the restaurants. The buffets were great also.

The room was really nice. Unfortunately we weren't able to get a king size bed.  They could have moved us 3 days later but we chose to stay. 

Our excursion to Chichen Itza was great. Not a huge fan of being so dependant on the clock but probably wouldn't want to travel that far from resort by ourselves. 

All in all we had a great time. Thanks again!

Heather did such a great job organizing this trip

Catherine and Doug, London ON - (trip to Panama)

The whole holiday was a treat from beginning to end! 

The Royal Decameron in Panama is very good.  It is a very large resort as you know which would not be good for folks with mobility restrictions but we enjoyed the walking and exercise.  The resident Peacock is a great show off.  The Air Transat reps are extremely helpful.  I managed to book our tour from Decameron for the canal And Panama City so that a driver was arranged to pick up us at the canal and take us to Gamboa.  I would recommend this to anyone who is doing the duo of these resorts. 

Gamboa is just spectacular and I would describe it as a 5 star boutique hotel in the Panama rainforest.  Fabulous food and luxury accommodation.  They offer a night safari included in the price which is such a treat.  We also took the gondola and went up to the observatory, saw the butterflies,frogs, sloths, monkeys, alligators.  I could go on but it was just fabulous and almost everyday we said to each other "Heather did such a great job organizing this trip"

Thanks for everything!  Next stop Italy!

Beaches Resort in Turks and Caicos was just amazing!

Kirsten, London, ON - (trip to Turks and Caicos Islands)

The service, food, everything was just perfect and worth the cost. Is it worth paying that much for a week? Yes and no. You can still have an amazing week away for almost half of the cost. But not being allowed to tip, having a restaurant open all the time (there are so many!) and having free actives (snorkel, scuba, glass bottom boat..) does add to the value.  

The concierge level was good.  They made our reservation at the only reservation restaurant as soon as we arrived.  There were full bottles of liquor and beer and champagne (woo hoo) and pop and juice and water in the fridge (no concierge means water only). A guy arrived at 10:55am on check out day to take our bags (we didn't call him).  Other than that we didn't use the concierge.  I think no concierge also means no room service, which we didn't do anyway. 

After three nights, the PING PING PING sound in the wall (elevator) was driving me nuts.  I hear every little sound.  I walked over to the lobby and asked for any other room at all as long as it was quiet.  I wasn't expecting much because it was March Break. They put us in a two bedroom villa.  OM*G it was such a treat.  It was huge with two bathrooms.  It was the bottom half of a townhouse. Spoiled!!!

The scuba place was good, but not as good as other places Craig has dived with.  It wasn't too difficult to schedule the dives, but the dive staff members were just ok. The diving was amazing (sharks, yes sharks ugh.)

The only village we would avoid is the Italian one because it is so busy. We ended up at the French pool a lot.  It was quieter and really close to the water park.  Key West is really nice and quiet, but the pool is very small.  The Caribbean area is very relaxed.  I loved it but none of the room types work for us.  

Thank you for making the planning a breeze!

John and Lorna, Strathroy, ON - (trip to St. Maarten)
First, I want to commend you and your office for making the planning a breeze – we will definitely be back. Secondly, after some horrible experiences with Air Canada, Westjet was a breath of fresh air – flight and transfers went off without a hitch.

Our last trip to Grand Case Beach Club was in 2009 when 11 extended family members went for a week. We found that the size of the resort was perfect (we don’t care for huge developments) and the staff was very good and although it was clean and well run it was a bit tired.

I am happy to report that they have maintained the small resort charm but have improved the facility significantly – new pool area and office, updated rooms, as well as reliable wifi everywhere.

There are plenty of diverse areas to lounge – two beach areas, spots above the beaches, and areas on the boardwalk that leads around the rocky outcrop between the beaches. It was never an issue finding a quiet spot to relax or watch the sunset. We spent most days on the Petite Plage beach area where Mickael will bring you a “parasol” to provide shade and cold drink to quench your thirst.

The Sunset Café at the resort run by Chantal and her staff offers very good food at reasonable (for the island) prices. We sampled breakfasts (a continental breakfast is included), lunch, and dinner our first night and all were great. We also went to their sister restaurant Café de Paris at the marina in Marigot - a twenty minute cab ride from Grand Case – and it too was fantastic.

Speaking of food, Grand Case is truly a destination for the “gourmand”. The town is lined with great dining options from the Lolo’s (inexpensive bbq)  to fine French dining and no fast food chains in sight. Expect to pay somewhere between $75.00 to $100.00 Canadian dollars each with two to three courses ,wine and tip at the finer restaurants but the service and food is exceptional. We recommend getting a table on a porch fronting the street on Tuesday night for Mardi Gras and watch the people, street vendors ,and parade as you enjoy your meal.

We made the 5 to 10 minute stroll to town from Grand Case Beach Club most nights and were never disappointed with our choices. If you don’t or can’t walk  there is  a golf cart that will provide a lift which is more practical than a cab but the walk is very safe and doable.

With regards to walking, however, our one complaint about the location is the lack of walking or hiking areas as we enjoy getting up and walking before breakfast. We did take the road past the regional airport to Hope Estate (about 1 hour round trip) where we find some interesting shops (including a gourmet food and wine shop GrapeWine) but the narrow road, speedy traffic, and lack of sidewalks make it a bit precarious. We did take a cab the one day to Loterie Farm at Pic Paradis (the highest point on the island) and for 5 euros used their trails and discovered some incredible vantage points of the entire island. There is a really nice restaurant and bar there as well but the hike itself is strenuous.

We went to relax but as far as activities are concerned the island is somewhat laid back. Diving ,snorkelling ,and boating would be the main diversions and we found that it is not as lush of a location as say Grenada is.

All in all I would say that the Grand Case Beach Club despite its “3 star” rating is a “4 star” experience although price wise it is pushing the latter price point. We liked the size of the resort and the food although finding a good cup of coffee in the Caribbean is hard. St. Maarten in general is a fantastic destination with great weather, good food, and a new and improved airport  all adding up to a great holiday.

Thanks to you, Monica, for a wonderful experience.


We had a fun time at the Iberostar Grand in Mexico

Sheri and Paul, London, ON - (trip to Cancun, Mexico)

The Iberostar Grand is quite opulent. Very clean and very well maintained and consistent with other Iberostar resorts we have visited.  The size of the resort was just right, but we found the food less than spectacular.

Our sons were placed quite a distance from us which was fine for them. They mostly did their own thing and just met up with us periodically throughout the day. When speaking to some of the star friends, we were told the resort was only about 52% occupied. I suspect that is why the guys were placed further away.  They probably fill the back two buildings first and then work forward. We rarely saw anyone in our building so suspect the other ocean front building fills first and then they move over to the one we were in. We had a lovely view and loved being right on the water. Rooms were nicely decorated and service was great. Our mini fridge was restocked daily and we had fresh towels twice a day.

It took us a few days to discover all of the amenities. There was a billiards room with two tables (even though we played almost every night, we didn't improve!) and other lounges which we didn't use. The lobby bar in the evening was nice. We wandered over to the commercial plaza a few times and the guys went to the late night disco over there almost every night and hooked up with some people that were staying at the Maya. The theatre was quite nice with multi level bistro tables and seating. The shows were fantastic: the best we have seen at any resort. Very talented professional singers and dancers. One thing we found different then some other places we've been was that there was more indoor areas. We enjoy being outside, even in the evening but sometimes the only way to get somewhere was to go inside.

The guys used the "quiet pool" for their swim workouts but we sat by the big activities pool so we could see the ocean. We all participated in many of the games and contests and we all won prizes. That big pool was salt water which we were not crazy about but it was fine for the most part. Paul and I tried the scuba in the pool and quite liked it. Not sure if it will lead to anything but something to consider. We all did a snorkelling excursion from the dive shop on the resort. It was only a 10 minute boat ride and the reef was beautiful. The coral and vegetation were the most spectacular we have seen. We got to see some cool fish- pretty standard to other places but our son found a lion fish inside a rock crevice and the guys both saw a puffer fish. We saw a ray and got to hold a star fish. Our sons went deep sea fishing from another resort just down the road with a local boat.  

We quite enjoyed walking along the beach, especially to the south where there were no other resorts. The coral along the shoreline made it interesting. I found a few treasures along the beach, some sea urchins, sea urchin skeletons and a starfish along with the usual pieces of coral and shells. Other services we partook in were kayaking, jet ski, going to the gym, massage, body surfing and lots of sports and games. 

The staff were all fantastic. The Star Friends were the best we have had, as far as just enough persuasion without nagging. Super friendly.  The wait staff and cleaning staff were great. Everyone was so friendly and proud to help. They really are a wonderful group of people who genuinely love what they do and are happy to have you there. 

There were quite a few Americans there but also lots of people from Argentina. We met some from Peru. Other Canadians were there and there was someone from France.  The staff said their busiest time is May to September when they are full all the time. Christmas and New Years are also busy times for them. 

Thanks a lot for everything, Heather.

I always have such a great time on all trips you have helped me plan, Monica.

Laura, Srathroy, ON - (trip to Vietnam)

I had  a fantastic time in Vietnam and the Geckos tour was great!  It was really the best of both worlds with this tour since all the transportation and accommodation were arranged but in each place it was a lot of free time to do whatever you wanted!  I did end up doing a lot of the excursions they offered but they were all reasonably priced!  And the food, oh man, where to start!  The food was absolutely amazing and oh so cheap!!!!  It was good that we had the tour guide with us to recommend places to go because he brought us so a few places that I would never just walk into and the food ended up being soooo good!  I am surprised I didn’t come home 500lbs.

People were not kidding about the traffic though, it was probably the most shocking thing and hardest to get used to.  But by the end of the trip, I could cross the road, somewhat confidently haha.  They say in Saigon there are 9 million people and 7 million motorbikes, so it was crazy!  I loved all the places we went with the tour but I am very glad we continued on and did more on our own.  It was very easy to arrange transportation and book tours as you go to.  We added on a tour to Sapa (http://www.goodmorningsapa.com/en/) where we went up into the mountains on a sleeper bus and spent a night at a hotel and night at a home stay and hiked through the mountains with the local women….it was absolutely amazing!!! I would strongly recommend that anyone going to Vietnam add on Sapa….it was just such amazing scenery and culture and just was so much fun!  We also went to the national park Phong Nha at the end as well.  This place was really cool because there was so many caves and scenery here too!  We did a day tour where we got to go and explore 2 of the popular caves there…paradise cave which was just huge and amazing and then the dark cave where we zip lined and swam to the entrance of the cave and then hiked through it with headlamps and such to a mud bath at the end.   Liz ended up staying to do a few more places in Vietnam and I headed to Bangkok for my last couple days before I came home.  It was all in all an awesome trip and I am so glad that we choose Vietnam to do!  

Thanks, Monica, for helping us book everything. I always have such a great time on all trips you have helped me plan.  Its always nice knowing that things are all arranged and that if I have any issues I can always come to you!  Thanks so much!  

We would both highly recommend this resort to others that want to travel to Los Cabos.

Mel and Jeff, Stratford, ON - (trip to Los Cabos Baja California Sur Mexico)

I just thought I would send a quick message to thank you Terri, for recommending the Royal Decameron. We had a excellent holiday!

Everything was wonderful from the small resort feeling to the food, our room  and the employees. We would both highly recommend this resort to others that want to travel to Los Cabos. 

Thanks again!

The RIU Palace in Costa Rica was the best we have ever stayed at!

Tammy and Tony, Stratford, ON - (trip to Costa Rica)

The RIU Palace resort in Costa Rica is the best resort we've stayed in. Great pick on your part, Terri!

You said the beach was so so.  Not true. It is beautiful. The sand is not white.  It is about the same color as Grand Bend with a black undertone. But there are treed areas on the beach which offer shade and a semblance of privacy.  It is very unique.  The beach at the other hotel has no trees, so to me, not as nice. 

Buffet food had everyone raving. We didn't do the a la cartes because they didn't interest us. 

Pools could use more shade, but there is lots at the next hotel if needed. 

Rooms were excellent. There was a chemical odor in the room when we got here. They bumped us up to an ocean view.  Still the same odor. I think they may have been spraying the rooms. 

Not a mosquito in the resort, but there were some sand fleas on the beach. I didn't use bug spray once, but we only went for a walk on the beach, we didn't stay on it long. I only know about the sand fleas because someone told me she spent the day on the beach and got a few bites. 

The staff is very friendly and helpful. 

We took the side trip to Nicaragua to see the active volcano. Left at 5:00 am and returned 8:00 pm. Long day but worth it. Seeing lava about a mile down the crater. 

We did not get to go zip lining but apparently, the zip line next door is either the highest or the longest zip line in the world. That just means will have to come back!

Hope this helps you.  You certainly helped us!


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