Testimonials from our clients

Our Insight tour to Scandinavia was truly spectacular!

Rae and Robert, London, ON - (trip to Norway)

From Copenhagen to Stockholm, to the fjords of Norway, the scenery was priceless.  It was called "Spectacular Scandinavia and Fjords" with Isight Vacations.

In larger cities, we stayed right where the action was eg. city centre in Stockholm, Sweden and Bryggen Harbour in Bergen, Norway.  In smaller towns and cities, available accommodations were not 4 or 5 star.

The majority of time was spent in Norway, where the fjords and glaciers were a sight to behold. Visits to local farms, breweries, and restaurants gave us a better taste of local culture. Excursions around Stockholm's archipelago, and on Norway's Flam and Funicular trains allowed us to see even more beautiful scenery.

After the tour, we did a stopover in Iceland.  Again the scenery we saw on the Golden Circle Tour was magnificent.  Tourism is booming in this city, and there's no question why.

Thank you Karen for making the arrangements for us!


Our dream holiday aboard the Rocky Mountaineer was amazing!

Gary and Linda, London, ON - (trip to )

We are home weary but very happy travellers. Our dream holiday on the Rocky Mountaineer Gold Leaf Service was amazing! We got to travel by planes, limousine,buses, helicopter, gondola, tram, trolley, trains, catamaran, cruise ship, with RobertQ to the door, without any problems.

Everything was wonderful, the weather, the food was abundant and delicious,the scenery was beautiful, the venues were awesome, the train staff everywhere were helpful, courteous, and informative and entertaining, the people we met travelling with were delightful. We saw orca, humpback whales, sea lions, sea otters, moose, elk, Rocky Mountain sheep, porcupine, merlot, snow shoe rabbit, black bears, grizzly bears, golden and bald Eagles, Magpie, Ravens, trees and more trees, turquoise lakes, rivers, snow tipped mountains, flowers in full bloom.

Our bucket list was fulfilled, when we circled and saw Mount Denali in full view on the way home on the McKinley Explorer. Can't wait to see you and share our pictures and stories.

- Linda & Gary

Our trip to the Valentin Resort in the Mayan Riviera was awesome!

Jodi and Rene, London, ON - (trip to Mayan Riviera Mexico)

Hi Heather,

Our trip was AWESOME! Valentin Resort was beautiful. The staff and food were good and we had such a great time.

Lots of R&R for us. We did the Jungle May excursion which we really enjoyed. From leaving Toronto to arriving back home it was all smooth sailing.
Can't wait to go back!
Thank you, 
Jodi & Rene 

Angie was simply amazing. She found us exactly the vacation we were looking for, on short notice, right on our budget.

Amy, Jeffery and 4 year old daughter, London ON - (trip to Jamaica)

We loved our vacation to Jamaica, we had an amazing time, and have no regrets. The travel process was amazing and the Air Transat staff were very helpful and pleasant. We had no hiccups with luggage or travel times. Registering our daughter with the kids club was a huge benefit as we got to fast track the customs and baggage drop lines.  This saved us a lot of time in line at airports. Our agent, Angie at CWT Blowes Travel was amazing, and so helpful and responsive.  Anytime we had a question she was so quick to respond and made everything very clear for us

Concerning the Grand Palladium Jamaica, this is a great option for young families. The kids pool area was fantastic and kept our daughter entertained all day.  The kids club was a great option to get a little time away as well.  Food options were amazing, we dined at the a la carte restaurants several times and didn’t feel out of place with a 4 year old there. The buffets also offered many great options every day.

The first negative issue I have is a bit disturbing and really put a bad taste in our mouth right from the start.  When we checked in I had asked about our upgrade request to have a two room suite with a pull out couch for our daughter and a king size bed for us. This was offered to me with an ocean view for an extra $20 per night.  I thought this was reasonable so agreed and paid the $140 charge. We went straight to our room and found a personalized letter addressed to us on our table welcoming us and congratulating us on our anniversary. So I paid for an upgrade to a room we were already booked into.  When I approached the front desk about this, they claimed the letter was moved as soon as we paid the upgrade, however this didn’t make sense as we went directly to our room after paying…two days later there was a letter left for us admitting we shouldn’t have paid for the upgrade, and offering a refund.

The next item to address is the overall cleanliness of the resort. We were up and outside most days at 7am.  Walking around the pool decks and beaches we had to avoid glasses, spills and left over plates of food from the night before. The resort didn’t seem to be “cleaned up” until around 9am.  Throughout the day/evening, the maintenance wasn’t at the level that we expected. There was lots of debris like paper, cups, and cigarette butts lying around and in the grassy areas.  This was disappointing as it is targeted as a family friendly resort.

Our room service and cleaning service was disappointing as well.  We did tip the cleaning staff however very rarely received fresh towels, ran out of toilet paper and shampoo, and the floors were never cleaned. We had also called one day to request our water be restocked in our mini-fridge but they never showed up until the next day.

The layout of the resort didn’t make a lot of sense either. The kid’s pool area was on one side, and the kids club on the other.  Also, the main bar and wedding area was facing the kid’s side where we were staying so had to endure loud music at late into the night knowing we had an early wake up the next day.

Lastly, the fact that smoking was allowed in the kid’s area was unacceptable. I think this should go without saying that if you have a kids pool, smoking should not be allowed anywhere near it.

All things considered, we still enjoyed our vacation and would recommend this resort to young families. Angie our agent at Blowes was simply amazing.  She found us exactly the vacation we were looking for, on short notice, right on our budget.  We couldn’t ask for more.  Any questions we had were answered very quickly and thoroughly and she made the whole experience enjoyable for us.  We really appreciate the efforts she put in, and recommendations she made to make our trip enjoyable for us. 



We loved our trip you booked us to Hawaii - thank you!

Terri and Andre, London, ON - (trip to Maui Hawaii USA)

Hawaii is beautiful. We stayed at the Royal Lahaina Resort in Maui. We received an upgrade to full beach view. Staff was very friendly. Room had fridge and a pot for coffee/tea. 

The restaurant in hotel: Food was good & plentiful. Breakfast $24.00 per person for buffet or individual plate (pan cakes/french toast) was $9.00 plus $3.00 for tea or coffee.  Lunch and supper most meals were $16.00 & up, no buffet. A little pricey. We found the mall (about 15 minute walk away) had 4 places for meals at a cheaper cost and just as tasty.  

Entertainment was a guitar player & hula dancer, plus the luau - it was great!. Plenty of food, cost $90.00 per person. Photos & lei extra.  Three pools. Not sure why, but 2 (closest to hotel) the bottoms were painted black. This made the water look dirty, when it wasn't. Basic pools, no water slides or kid's section. The beach was one of the best. Sandy, clean. 

A trolley/shuttle bus (free) from hotel to the mall, where you had access to two city bus route ($2 per person or $4 for the day). 

We had a great time. Thank you again Angie  for booking this trip for us!

It was a wonderful trip Heather. You outdid yourself again!

Larry and Glenda, London, ON - (trip to San Francisco CA USA)

We really enjoyed our time in San Francisco.  We were advised by friends to take a limo from the airport.  It did not cost much more than a taxi and our driver watched for our flight and was waiting for us at the bottom of the escalator.  The Mark Hopkins hotel was wonderful!  We worked with the Concierge on a couple of site seeing trips and got to visit Muir Woods, Sausalito and a lovely city tour of San Fransisco.  We dined at the Top of the Mark (awesome) as well as the hotel dining room which was very good. Our last night there we ate at The Slanted Door. The Chef is Charles Phan who won the James Beard award for outstanding restaurant...yum!  

We accidentally dropped our iPad while in San Fracsisco and the screen smashed.  While walking down to the pier, we passed by a store front that had a picture of an iPad with a cracked screen just like ours.  We went in and the owner had our screen model in stock, said he would need it overnight so the adhesive would stick and he would have it ready for us by 9:00 the next day.  We were so relieved as the iPad was our main method of communication with our daughter back home.  Also, it only cost $109 which was very reasonable. We then took a trolley ride back to the hotel and got ready to check out. 

We really enjoyed the cruise aboard the Oceania Regatta.  It was very relaxed and we saw some amazing sites and met some wonderful people.  It was the first cruise where we really varied our dining options.  Not sure why we never did that before...perhaps with assigned seating we felt more obligated to show up in the dining room for dinner.  This time, if we had an excursion or just felt like a more casual dinner, we ate in the Terrace Cafe.  The specialty restaurants were very good!  The layout of the ship reminded us a little of the Princess one we took on our Tahiti cruise last year.  Very comfortable and easy to get around.  Oh, the 4:00 tea and scones....love it!  In fact, we just hung out there afterwards and stayed for happy hour.  Needless to say, we both have a few pounds to lose.  The Captain was awesome and made sure we got up close and personal to the Hubbard Glacier.  He also took us for a little side trip on our way to Vancouver.  The current was very bad on the normal route so while we were waiting he took us past a little Finnish village as well as a native Indian village that boasted the Guinness world book of records for the tallest totem pole.  We really liked the Captain.  He was extremely personable and we just had the feeling he was going to try his very best to make the cruise as memorable an experience as possible.

It was a wonderful trip Heather.  You outdid yourself again...seamless for us.  Thank you so much!

I hope we can book another vacation soon and you can be sure we will contact you first!

Alicia and Andrew, London, ON - (trip to Miami FL USA)

We loved the Norwegian Caribbean cruise. Everything was great and we took advantage of the 3 story waterslides onboard and the pool and hot tubs. We went out to a bunch of the different events and competitions going on. We even met another couple on the first day who we ended up spending quite a bit of our time with and that was excellent because we are social people and enjoy doing things in groups. 

We only ended up eating at a couple of the specialty restaurants but they were fantastic and we caught a show at the Illusionarium on board and that was great fun too.

We only did one excursion though we both wished we could have afforded to do more! We went Crystal Cave Tubing in Belize which we both highly recommend to anyone. It was beautiful and delightful and you can't imagine how impossibly old these caves are or how large they are! They had cathedral ceilings! It was a really great experience and we had to take most of those pictures on a water-proof disposable camera (because of the lazy-river tubing aspect) so we can't wit to get them developed and see what (if anything) turned out.

Each port was really beautiful and we went ashore to see most of them except Cozumel as it was the last port and mostly shopping, and by that point we were all shopped out. We mostly bought gifts for loved ones but we did get ourselves an expensive keepsake each and were very satisfied with that.

Honduras has a very beautiful landscape and we wish we could have done a bus tour through it but it certainly wasn't a place where we felt free to explore outside of the main tourist port area- we were very wary of the eyes on our bags as we moved around. That was probably the hottest day of the cruise too. The air was like hot soup- very hard to breath. But we went anyway with our new friends and had a good time as we did with most of the other ports. But my favourite was definitely Belize.

The travel from airport to hotels to the pier, etc. went over more smoothly than expected and I can't thank you enough for your detailed outline and information packet. It helped us out quite a lot and I could not have imagined planning such a thing on my own! Too many details but it went over beautifully and thankfully, anything we were unsure of, Andrew and I are the sort of people that immediately decide to ask someone, so it all worked out in the end.

Thanks again for all your efforts here - it was a great experience and one we won't forget. I hope we can book another vacation soon and you can be sure we will contact you first!

Our holiday was exactly what we wanted - relaxing and quiet with all the bells and whistles!

Dale, London, ON - (trip to Riviera Maya Mexico)

My trip to the Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso in the Riviera Maya,Mexico was wonderful. Everything was very luxurious and the staff were super obliging. The restaurants were wonderful, and although when we booked for the specialty restaurants, we could only get 9pm sitting but we went back a couple of days later to see if there was an early time and they were able to change the time to 6:30 pm for the three  restaurants we had booked. We did get an upgrade to an Oceanview room and it was absolutely beautiful. 

I was very impressed with the staff at the restaurants especially when it came to the food for my daughter. She is gluten intolerant and the chefs and waiting staff went out of their way to make sure she knew what was gluten free and told her if she wanted anything, just let them know. My daughter certainly enjoyed all of the gluten free foods.

All in all, our holiday was exactly what we wanted..relaxing and quiet with all the bells and whistles.

I would highly recommend this resort for people our age

Darren from London - (trip to Cabo San Lucas Baja California Sur Mexico)

We all had a great time at the Santa Fe Los Cabos in Mexico! Great weather, food, atmosphere,and service. We went on the sunset cruise with some new friends we met at the resort, and also went into town couple of nights to enjoy some food and the nightlife.I would highly recommend it, especially for people around our age.

Thanks for arranging the trip, Michelle, and I will touch base with you if we are planning something else in the future.

- Darren

We loved the Ocean Vista Azul in Cuba! Thank you Shelley!

Brian and Theresa, Listowell - (trip to Varadero Cuba)

Our Hotel in Varadero was 5 Star!  We would highly recommend Ocean Vista Azul. The hotel grounds were very nice and landscaped. The shorter bus ride from airport to hotel is a big bonus.

We ate most of time in privilege Restaurant Neptuno.... just very handy and great food and even better staff! We did eat at 2 other specialty restaurants and they were pretty good, but wait staff were never as good Neptuno.

Our room was excellent and the cleaning staff was a lot of fun. We left her a few hygiene items on the bed each day and she was so so thankful. Our room (big and clean) was on the top floor main building facing the street - great sunrises!

The weather was mainly sunny and 80's day, 70 at night... slept with screen door open The Infinity pool was really nice. We spent most of our days there and in the Privilege bar area. The beaches were a bit far, but didn't matter to us as we are not beach people. We loved the cliffs at the front and the thunderous sounds and spray if the waves breaking there.

Our day trip to Havana in a 1955 Bel Aire was well worth it!

All in all, Cuba and the resort well exceeded our expectations! It was truly a Rest and Recharging vacation... just what we wanted.

Thanks again Shelley for all your assistance!

- Brian and Theresa 


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