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I hope we can book another vacation soon and you can be sure we will contact you first!

Alicia and Andrew, London, ON - (trip to Miami FL USA)

We loved the Norwegian Caribbean cruise. Everything was great and we took advantage of the 3 story waterslides onboard and the pool and hot tubs. We went out to a bunch of the different events and competitions going on. We even met another couple on the first day who we ended up spending quite a bit of our time with and that was excellent because we are social people and enjoy doing things in groups. 

We only ended up eating at a couple of the specialty restaurants but they were fantastic and we caught a show at the Illusionarium on board and that was great fun too.

We only did one excursion though we both wished we could have afforded to do more! We went Crystal Cave Tubing in Belize which we both highly recommend to anyone. It was beautiful and delightful and you can't imagine how impossibly old these caves are or how large they are! They had cathedral ceilings! It was a really great experience and we had to take most of those pictures on a water-proof disposable camera (because of the lazy-river tubing aspect) so we can't wit to get them developed and see what (if anything) turned out.

Each port was really beautiful and we went ashore to see most of them except Cozumel as it was the last port and mostly shopping, and by that point we were all shopped out. We mostly bought gifts for loved ones but we did get ourselves an expensive keepsake each and were very satisfied with that.

Honduras has a very beautiful landscape and we wish we could have done a bus tour through it but it certainly wasn't a place where we felt free to explore outside of the main tourist port area- we were very wary of the eyes on our bags as we moved around. That was probably the hottest day of the cruise too. The air was like hot soup- very hard to breath. But we went anyway with our new friends and had a good time as we did with most of the other ports. But my favourite was definitely Belize.

The travel from airport to hotels to the pier, etc. went over more smoothly than expected and I can't thank you enough for your detailed outline and information packet. It helped us out quite a lot and I could not have imagined planning such a thing on my own! Too many details but it went over beautifully and thankfully, anything we were unsure of, Andrew and I are the sort of people that immediately decide to ask someone, so it all worked out in the end.

Thanks again for all your efforts here - it was a great experience and one we won't forget. I hope we can book another vacation soon and you can be sure we will contact you first!

Our holiday was exactly what we wanted - relaxing and quiet with all the bells and whistles!

Dale, London, ON - (trip to Riviera Maya Mexico)

My trip to the Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso in the Riviera Maya,Mexico was wonderful. Everything was very luxurious and the staff were super obliging. The restaurants were wonderful, and although when we booked for the specialty restaurants, we could only get 9pm sitting but we went back a couple of days later to see if there was an early time and they were able to change the time to 6:30 pm for the three  restaurants we had booked. We did get an upgrade to an Oceanview room and it was absolutely beautiful. 

I was very impressed with the staff at the restaurants especially when it came to the food for my daughter. She is gluten intolerant and the chefs and waiting staff went out of their way to make sure she knew what was gluten free and told her if she wanted anything, just let them know. My daughter certainly enjoyed all of the gluten free foods.

All in all, our holiday was exactly what we wanted..relaxing and quiet with all the bells and whistles.

I would highly recommend this resort for people our age

Darren from London - (trip to Cabo San Lucas Baja California Sur Mexico)

We all had a great time at the Santa Fe Los Cabos in Mexico! Great weather, food, atmosphere,and service. We went on the sunset cruise with some new friends we met at the resort, and also went into town couple of nights to enjoy some food and the nightlife.I would highly recommend it, especially for people around our age.

Thanks for arranging the trip, Michelle, and I will touch base with you if we are planning something else in the future.

- Darren

We loved the Ocean Vista Azul in Cuba! Thank you Shelley!

Brian and Theresa, Listowell - (trip to Varadero Cuba)

Our Hotel in Varadero was 5 Star!  We would highly recommend Ocean Vista Azul. The hotel grounds were very nice and landscaped. The shorter bus ride from airport to hotel is a big bonus.

We ate most of time in privilege Restaurant Neptuno.... just very handy and great food and even better staff! We did eat at 2 other specialty restaurants and they were pretty good, but wait staff were never as good Neptuno.

Our room was excellent and the cleaning staff was a lot of fun. We left her a few hygiene items on the bed each day and she was so so thankful. Our room (big and clean) was on the top floor main building facing the street - great sunrises!

The weather was mainly sunny and 80's day, 70 at night... slept with screen door open The Infinity pool was really nice. We spent most of our days there and in the Privilege bar area. The beaches were a bit far, but didn't matter to us as we are not beach people. We loved the cliffs at the front and the thunderous sounds and spray if the waves breaking there.

Our day trip to Havana in a 1955 Bel Aire was well worth it!

All in all, Cuba and the resort well exceeded our expectations! It was truly a Rest and Recharging vacation... just what we wanted.

Thanks again Shelley for all your assistance!

- Brian and Theresa 


What a place! We got what we wanted!

Cara, Strathroy - (trip to Mazatlán Sin. Mexico)

The RUI Emerald Bay in Mazatlan was amazing!!! What a place. We got what we wanted. Secluded and quiet, more north of the city, not in the thick of it.  Fabulous beach, nice walks every day. 

We did only one small excursion, a city tour on our last day.  We took only casual clothes and didn't even go to any a la cartes.  We ate away from the resort 2x, just short walk up the beach to a small plaza.  Also, several days we walked up to the plaza for coffee in the morning at The Looney Bean....much better coffee, specialty types and baked goods. The buffet restaurant at the resort was great food and great selection.

The resort is wonderful, in the fact that all rooms are ocean view (upper floors, above the trees), the beach is stunning. The staff were also exceptional, always cleaning and the resort was spotless. The Riu is the last resort to the north, so very very quiet. Even with the elevator work going on, it was zero bother. 

I would return here any time. We met one couple who were on their 4th trip to the Riu. The ocean was rough, but it was the time of year, their winter and high tide 2x a day. This doesn't bother us, as we are pool people anyways. Thank you, Monica, as always, and would love a return here for sure.

Our trip to Mexico was a welcome relief and a great family vacation. You are great at what you do!

Gar and Gail, Strathroy, ON - (trip to Huatulco Mexico)

The trip to Las Brisas Huatulco, Mexico, was great. The resort was big but well spread out and you did not feel overwhelmed, rolling topography at the resort with lots of walking or carts to take you from point A to Point B. 

Breakfasts were great, lunches were terrible (we did not go after day 2 of the same...) and suppers were OK (after Azores or Algarve or even Bermuda the al a carte choices were OK, but the atmosphere was try to get them in and get them out...food was good at some and just Ok at others.).

We went into town for two suppers and they were very relaxing and great food, reasonably priced, so very nice.  Service and staff were excellent, except last day transfer the bus did not come to get us and they had to scramble to get alternate transport to airport, ourselves and another couple with two young kids were waiting for almost 1 hour at the hotel and were close to taking a cab and then finally it came.  WestJet was great, shorter than I had thought, 5 hours there and 4.5 hours back.

There were 3 beaches at resort, one nearest us had a coral reef you could snorkel around and we saw tons of fish. Gail saw a sea turtle one morning, and a couple of eels.  We went on two boat tours: first day we were deep sea fishing (nothing caught) and saw several turtles, rays, and dolphins, but second day the captain (Juan Moreno) found this pod of dolphins that was beyond words, we would say well over 2,000 dolphins, some babies, some full breach with spinning (called spinning dolphins as per captain) several times, it was magical!  Then we went on to the national park up the coast and walked on secluded beaches and next beach Taylor, Gail and I snorkeled while Joclyn was resting on beach, when I heard Taylor through his snorkel say “ sea turtle” and I turned and looked down and just about 5-6 feet under me a 24-20” diameter sea turtle went right under me

Then we stopped at Sainte Augustine (shanty town at end of park) and had the kids appreciate what they have and possibly the best lunch we have had in a long time! Weather was perfect and water was perfect. 

Thanks, Monica, you are great at what you do!!!!!

Thank you so much for your work in planning/ booking our recent vacation to Mexico.

Carol and family, Stratford ON - (trip to Cancun Mexico)

All the instructions, travel arrangements, flights, transfers etc. to the Ocean Turquesa, Mexico, went very smoothly.   The resort was beautiful and well kept.  We were taken aback when we returned to our room mid morning (one of the first mornings) to  find them spraying a very strong smelling insecticide inside our room.  The smell seemed to have lessoned by evening when we returned, but this was still unsettling and concerning considering that was where we were sleeping for the next week.  In hindsight we should have asked to change rooms but would have had no way of knowing that the alternate room was not similarly treated. We had previously been told when our rooms were not all on the same floor that the resort was full.....the assigned rooms were fine.

The first half of our stay was quite cool so we welcomed the beautiful warmth and sunshine of the last half of the stay with only a short shower of rainfall one morning.  As we know the weather is always an unknown with no guarantees.   

We enjoyed taking part in the yoga, water aerobics and Zumba/Salsa  sessions.  Also there  were always fun, noisy, interactive games/activities going  on at the one large pools  while the other pool and beach was quieter which gave you the choice which was great.  We enjoyed long, daily walks on the beach and all the resorts seemed to be doing their best to daily remove the constant   inflow of seaweed onto the beach. 

The food seemed to be the weakest link at this resort.  The temperature of most of the hot food at the buffet was cool  and the hard ice cream was runny.   We did enjoy the food at the Italian and Japanese restaurants.  We also got  to love the small coffee and dessert shop where you could get a hot coffee after your lunch as the large snack bar close to the beach and pool offered no coffee.  They went to a lot of work to put on a Medieval Feast outdoors one evening.  Lots of costumes and decorations.   We laughed as it wasn't until someone came along with the light on their cell phone that we could actually see the  food we were putting on our plates and we ate at 7:30 so not terribly late.  The fruit was always plentiful and delicious. 

We cannot comment too much on the nightly entertainment.  We did attend the karaoke night and their production of Grease.  Both were entertaining and the Grease performance was superior to a lot of resort entertainment we have experienced in the past.  

We did have a very relaxing, enjoyable week with family.  My above feedback is only designed to provide information to you regarding our experience at the Ocean Turquesa resort.  It is not meant to be negative, but an honest picture of how we experienced things there.

Thank-you again, Agnes, for your travel assistance.

The personal and helpfulness of our agent Shelley Moore was outstanding

Jim and Faye, Listowel, ON - (trip to Jamaica)

What a wonderful trip to Jamaica. We stayed at the Grand Bahai Principe in Runaway Bay. From the room, to the staff, food pool and entertainment it was 5 star all the way!

I cannot say enough good about the resort. We flew with West Jet out of Toronto to Montego Bay and had great service.

The Jamaican people really know how to treat their guests. I would highly recommend a trip here.

The personal and helpfulness of out travel agent Shelley Moore was outstanding from helping to pick plane seats to the final details. It really made this a very special trip for us.

The Sunquest representative at the resort was helpful and informed about the side trips. It was suggested that we use the Mobay Clubroom at the airport for an extra cost (minimal) prior to departure. A very smart and comfortable spot to spend the last few hours of our time on the island, as the Sunquest rep told us the general waiting area was cramped and busy. It was a great way to finish a fantastic holiday.

Thanks to everyone for their part in planning our vacation.

Thank you for the recommendation to the Blue Bay Esmerelda in Mexico

Deb, Strathroy, ON - (trip to Riviera Maya)

We had a great trip. The flights ran smoothly, the transfers to and from the airport were straightforward.

The resort however is getting a little tired but clean and well maintained. The beach was nice, facilities and food were very good, staff were very respectful and helpful. We did end up getting adjoining rooms with the bed selections we requested – which was awesome.

The a la carte restaurants were very good for the most part and the buffets were very good also.

The Air Transat staff on site at the resort were always available and helpful.

The excursion to Chitzen Itza was a long day but the staff were very good. On the day we arrived, we also signed up for another excursion that was two stops – a cenote and snorkeling with the sea turtles – the day we left on that excursion, there was some problem with the sea turtle portion but we were rebooked the next day at no charge, then it was the same problem so they booked us on the Friday before we left.  We needed to repeat the full excursion but it did actually happen.  So Transat and the excursion company were very helpful to rebook at no charge for us to see it all.

The only part we did not appreciate was the certain hotel staff that were trying to get us to join them for a meeting to hear about their time share like options – they seemed to hover and constantly be bugging us until we basically had to be rude and walk away.  We don’t like doing that but those particular staff would not back away.

It was a good venue for us as a couple and having the older kids with us – we all enjoyed it. Thanks, Monica, for the recommendation!!

Honeymooners Loved the Villa Sol in Costa Rica

Lindsay, London ON - (trip to Costa Rica)

Villas Sol was a lovely honeymoon vacation – our requests for a higher floor and king bed were accommodated without question and the room was absolutely lovely. Transportation was no issue to the resort (we did wait for over two hours for the shuttle to leave the airport as I believe they were waiting for a family who never showed). So, we missed our first sunset at the resort but we were not bothered.

We found the food to be excellent, even for two vegetarians! There were plenty of options for us and everything was very fresh everyday. Neither of us had any issues with sickness or feeling ill (other than being too full from all the great food) 

The view from the resort and especially our room was absolutely stunning! You definitely work for the view as it was a strenuous uphill walk to get back to the resort from the beach. However we are very active and enjoyed the exercise. Plus the shuttles ran frequently which was helpful in the middle of the day.

We booked one full day tour at the national park (the name escapes me) with a river tour and lunch. It was underwhelming all around and over-priced. The lunch was delicious but the bus driver drove uncomfortably fast and we saw next to no wildlife on the boat. Our river guide was fabulous which made up for it a little. The drive was longer than we expected and we had wished we chose another activity (we found out we are expecting our first baby before our trip so were limited in the adventure activities we could do).

However, a few days later we booked a 2-3 hour snorkel tour just off our beach at the small tour centre and it was wonderful. For $20 each we saw lots of great marine life and stopped to swim at a gorgeous beach nearby. That was a highlight.

We enjoyed both pools on site at the resort – because we were there during the New Year holiday, the main pool was extremely busy and loud most days. The sun was too hot to lay out for very long so we would only go to the pool if we could find shaded lounge chairs. The music and many families were noisy but it was nice to see so many locals enjoying their holiday. We felt very comfortable and welcomed at the beach and the pools and loved that we didn’t feel like obnoxious tourists.

Ultimately the service was excellent, the staff were friendly and helpful, the hotel was great and it was an excellent value for the quality you received. Since we’ll have a family in the near future we would likely choose a place on the beach next time but were very happy with Villas Sol for our honeymoon. We loved our trip and left talking about the next time we would be back in Costa Rica!

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