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We had a wonderful time with the Cuba cruise and, for us, it was a truly great way to see Cuba

Jim and Nancy, London ON - (trip to Havana Cuba)

We had a wonderful time with the Transat Cuba Cruise and, for us, it was a truly great way to see Cuba, rather than being situated for a week in a resort and possibly only seeing something close by.  As you know, we made five stops while going around the perimeter of the island, and each one was unique.  This was, to us, the way to learn about the country and the people.  Jim and John were, of course, quite enthused about the old cars and how many of them are still running.  The Cuban people have had to be very creative in order to keep the cars running because they have no place to buy car parts when they quit.  We were also surprised about how many Americans there were in Cuba and on the ship.

For two tours (Cienfuegos and Alcala/Biran), we booked from the onboard selection and had their chosen tour guides, and our other tour (Havana) we took from a friend-of-a-friend.  One day we spent at the beach (beautiful) and the day at Santiago, we just used someone on the street with an old car.

The food onboard was adequate (each dinner had 3 meat choices and 1 vegetarian) so there were no complaints. Our room was fine (queen bed, loveseat, chair) and a good sized window.  The ship was clean and the staff very friendly.  Our only point would be if you have clients who have only travelled on more upscale ships, they would probably be disappointed.  We knew from the get-go that this was an older ship so we were not disappointed with the amenities. 

Our only real surprise was the casino. We were led to believe that everything onboard was in Canadian funds, but the casino only accepted euros (probably because they were from Greece) but that should be communicated in their literature or information sessions.  We were not impressed with the cruise director (he could be a bit arrogant) and the fact that he repeated everything in 5-6 languages.  We also thought the onboard communication and organization needed some help.

We were quite satisfied with our Cuba cruise.

Everything was perfect and we appreciate your organizational abilities and hard work.

Marilyn and Matt, London - (trip to Central America)

Thank you, Jennifer, for arranging our travel and cruise to Central America and the Caribbean.  Everything was perfect and we appreciate your organizational abilities and hard work.  The Equinox is a spectacular ship lacking nothing.  We thoroughly enjoyed Sheldon Taraschuk and his expertise.  He works very hard tending to the needs and never tired of the many requests of the 'senior legions group'. 

The crew and staff were amazing and well trained and extremely courteous.  The ship is immaculate on all levels.  I completed the survey with rave reviews.  Matt wants to keep a copy of the cost inclusive of airfare, so if you have a copy or the figures, can you kindly send me a copy - I've thrown out all paperwork with the exception of the personal itinerary. 

Again, thanks for all your help and hard work.  You rock! Thx. again.

Thank you for once again, Monica, in helping us plan an awesome vacation!

Jodi and Darren, Strathroy - (trip to Cuba)

Just wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed our trip last week to the Melia Las Antilas resort!  Cuba was definitely a different experience, but we took your advice and kept an open mind which I think was key!

The airport is an exercise in patience.  I think Cuban time is one of the slowest we have ever experienced but gave us time to appreciate how fortunate we are.

The hotel was very clean,  but could use some updating and repair.  The food was fine, and we never had a problem finding something to eat.  It was quiet (no kids) and the entertainment both day and night was great! We could always get lounge chairs at the pool and beach any time of day.  Hotel services such as currency exchange, snacks and bars were easily available throughout the day.  Currency exchange was still open at our 10:30pm arrival and again at 7:30am the day we left! Other guests we talked to felt the hotel was one of the best in Cuba.

The service staff at the hotel was amazing.  Cubans are very friendly and extremely appreciative of the small tips we left.  It is probably the best service we have ever received.

The beach was awesome!  You were right on the money when you said the beaches in Cuba were some of the best!

Unfortunately on the way to the airport our bus was involved in an accident .  Another city bus hit us at a red light.  Everyone was ok, but kudos to the bus driver and tour guide who stayed very calm and quickly managed to get us on another bus and back on our way.  If there is some way for us to pass on positive comments to the tour company please let me know as unfortunately some of our travel mates did not handle the situation as well.

Thank you for once again helping us plan an awesome vacation!



Kim and Mark booked last minute and stayed at the Grand Sirenis, Riviera Maya with Westjet

Kim and Mark, London, ON - (trip to Riviera Maya Mexico)

Hi Michelle. Mark and I did love our vacation at the Grand Sirenis.

Here are the pros:

1) The rooms very lovely, very spacious, nice walk in shower and a big jacuzzi tub.

2) The beach was wonderful, especially for us, since we love to snorkel.  There was live coral reefs just off shore.  We saw sea turtles and rays.  It was a nice balance of relaxing on the beach and exploring.  We never had any trouble finding a chair.

3) The food was delicious. Very fresh,  Enjoyed sitting outside on the patio facing the water.  We probably would have been content going to the buffet the whole time we were there.

4) The staff were very attentive

5) We attended the spa which was lovely (nice to have on site)


Here are the cons:

1) There really is only one building of rooms that is on the beach.  That is for the VIP folks. We did upgrade (paid to upgrade) to room with an oceanview. Our room at first was facing the jungle in the back of the resort so was disappointed by the first room

2) The place is huge!  This has pros and cons.  We enjoy walking but if you had any mobility issues you would not enjoy this resort.

3) The a la carte reservations. OK, so when reserving these with the concierge Sunday morning at first for our picks, oh there is nothing available! The excuse is that they get all booked up on Saturday or before.  Then magically he spoke to his manager and was able to find reservations.  The concierge tried very hard to "sell" us the presentation for time shares.  I was suspicious that this sudden ability to make reservations was to again convince us to attend the presentation. When we did go to the restaurants they were a third empty.  We did not really enjoy this whole process and in hind sight would have just gone to the buffet for dinner.

All in all we had wonderful week! Thank you.

Jen, it was a pleasure working with you on this trip I will be in touch for our next adventure!

Maureen and Daniel, London ON - (trip to Samana, Dominican Republic)

Well I have to say, our trip was good, but was tainted by an awful lot of rain .... and I mean monsoon downpours!  

When we arrived at our destination - Grand Bahia Principe el Portillo, Samana Dominican Republic -  it was beautiful, HOT and sunny.  For the most part, the weather remained this way throughout Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday we went on the whale watching excursion (loved it), and again, for most of the day it was sunny, but not quite as hot, but with a few sprinkles of rain.  The monsoon began late Wednesday afternoon around 5:30 and never let up until after midnight.  

Now aside, from that, the resort was lovely, but different than I had expected.  Everything was very close, which made it easy for getting around.  I was however, expecting to have some sort of view of the ocean from our rooms.  I don't think any of the rooms in the resort had an ocean view.  For me, that was a negative.  We did however, have a lovely room that overlooked the quieter pool, and thankfully, was on the 2nd floor, as we heard that some of the rooms on ground level were flooded out from the rains.  I can truly believe that, because several times over the rainy days there was about 3 or 4 inches of water on the sidewalks and lawns.

All of the staff at the resort were very friendly, however, I was surprised that many of the serving staff had difficulty with the English language.  I guess I should have done a little more investigating on that and then could have brushed up on my Spanish.  However, by the end of the week we had managed to pick up on several spanish phrases and did our best to converse in Spanish - as limited as that was.  We did enjoy asking some of the staff to help us to learn some words/phrases in Spanish.

The food was good, not excellent, but good.  We found the beach buffet/bar to have the best food and had lunch there nearly every day.  The restaurants were very good.  Unfortunately, due to the rain, we only managed to get to two of our reservations.  The Italian and the Brazillian restaurants which were both excellent!

Our room was comfortable, clean, and pleasantly decorated.  The bed was huge, but the mattress a little hard,and the pillows were hard too. Fortunately, I like a "solid" mattress, but would have liked more comfortable pillows.  The cleaning staff did a great job, and beverages and water were replenished daily in our mini fridge in the room.

I had heard about a virus that was being transmitted by mosquitoes and was a wee bit worried about that, however, we didn't encounter mosquitoes.  With all the rain and tropics surrounding us I was concerned.  There was some type of little bug that was biting around the pool, and one women had huge red welts on the side of her leg that she had no idea how she got them.  They were itchy but she didn't recall being bitten by anything.

So rain aside, yes, we did have a good time.  Would I go back to this resort, or to the Dominican? Personally, I loved Jamaica so much, and the GBP Jamaica was so beautiful, that I think I got spoilled.  For my money, I would return again to Jamaica ... in a heart beat!  I'm not sure that I'm a big fan of the Dominican, but I am glad I went.  

Jen, it was a pleasure working with you on this trip, as it was with our trip to Jamaica.  I will definitely be in touch for our next adventure. 

5 days was not enough but we enjoyed ourselves. I would recommend this resort to friends.

Tammy, Strathroy - (trip to Mexico)

Everything went great and the resort (Iberostar Paraiso Beach Mayan) was wonderful.  This is one of the first trips we have taken where everything went without any incidents ie. Our flight was on time, when we got to the resort, our room was ready at 12:00 in the afternoon so we could just put our stuff in the room and change, then find a drink.

Our flight was leaving to come home from Mexico at 2:00 in the morning.  This meant that we needed to leave for the airport at 10:00pm.  Normally you have to be out of your room by 12:00 in the afternoon, however whatever package we had, allowed us to stay in our room with our belongings until the time we had to leave for the airport.  This was wonderful because it meant you could still enjoy the facilities that day and then shower in your own room, still have an enjoyable dinner and then leave after.  You did not have to store your luggage from 12 to time of departure. 

The people were wonderful. The food was good. We ate at 3 of the A la Carte restaurants  and all of them were very good. The rooms were clean and comfortable. 5 days was not enough but we enjoyed ourselves. I would recommend this resort to friends.  

Thanks for finding this spot for us. You are great at your job. Keep up the good work!

Sandra, Parkhill - (trip to Huatulco, Las Limas, Oax., Mexico)

The resort (Las Brisas Huatulco, Mexico) was nice.  I would definitely recommend the rooms with a balcony as ours was kind of in the basement.  It was fine, but the couple we went with had a gorgeous room with a balcony and a way better view.

The food was ok, but the a la carts were quite disappointing. We went to four of them and none were that great.  Everyone at the resort said the same thing, so it wasn’t just us. There was no bar really near the pool but they did have waitresses that came around. 

The beaches were awesome. Snorkeling was good. We went on a waterfalls excursion.  It took over an hour to get there and the air conditioning in the van quit right when we left. The road we had to take was like a goat path and a few people got motion sick. They didn’t mention that it was a bumpy dirt road that they took you down. Once we were there we had a blast. The staff at the resort were pleasant and helpful. The gardens were fantastic and the birds were numerous. We are glad we went.  The weather was awesome. 

Thanks for finding this spot for us. You are great at your job. Keep up the good work!

Overall we give the trip to Cuba a thumbs up.

Evan and Edyta, London, ON - (trip to Varadero Cuba)

Three couples in their early 30s stayed in the Melia Las Antillas, Varadaro, Cuba in a junior suite superior ocean view rooms. The flew Sunwing from London, Ontario. Here is Evan's review:

It started off rocky when we got caught in the elevator upon and arrival and we were skeptical to say the least but starting the next day and throughout the rest of the time it was amazing. We met many fellow travellers and created special bonds with the staff. The beach and grounds were clean and the food was not as bad as many say in the reviews. I do not think an upgrade is needed like we had. You can pretty much get anything at anytime and everyone is treated equal. There are also no wrist bands so I think to save a few bucks it will not make a difference in a stay there.

We enjoyed Cuba as a whole very much. All our friends really enjoyed it as well. I do not recommend the bus tour to Havana. The sun wing repw as not very informative and rushed through things without any interest on the tour. We made our own fun though so it wasn't too bad. I would recommend a private tour.   

The flights were good. Wish Sunwing had more seating for people like myself who are over 6'. We checked in the night before and the few they had were already gone. All in all the service and flights themselves went smoothly.

Overall we give it a thumbs up. The Melia although older and in need of repairs did not disappoint at all. I give it the 4 stars it states it is. 

This hotel is beautiful. The Luxury Bahia Principe was unbelievable.

Bob and Sue, London ON - (trip to Punta Cana Dominican Republic)

Karen, just thought I would send you a note about our trip to Punta Cana, DR. Travel-wise, everything went perfectly and on time. This hotel (Luxury Bahia Principe Ambar Don Pablo Collection, 5 stars, adult only) was beautiful. We have never stayed anywhere so clean. The grounds, rooms, walkways, washrooms, pool area were unbelievable clean. 

The buffet was excellent. Everything was very fresh, great variety.  The dining room felt like a dining room, linen table cloths and the buffet itself was sectioned off from the eating area.  They had a liquer table and champagne table set up every night as you entered the buffet, so you could help yourself.  In the morning they had bloody marys and mimosa if you wanted.  We did get reservations at the a la cartes but I would suggest anyone send an email to the hotel requesting reservations 2 weeks prior to going.

I would definitely recommend the Ambar 1.  It has the better pool, and pool area.  You have more trees and direct access to the beach from the pool. Our room was large, nice sized balcony and large bathroom. The Ambar 2 pool view was of the hotel rooms and it was very quiet.  We actually heard of a couple that requested a move from the Ambar 2.

The few minor problems we had were handled very quickly by the staff.

We stayed in villa 64, room 201.  We were just steps to the pool and beach and a short  walk to the lobby etc.  This was the best location. I would say the only issue we had was with chair access at the pool. If you didn't get down to the pool by 6:00am and put towels on the chairs you wanted it was unlikely you would get a chair at all, or one with shade, or not until much later in the day.

The food was very good and the staff were great. Beach was wonderful.

Sonya, Perth County - (trip to Jamaica)

Wanted to give you a little review regarding our stay at the Jewel Runaway Bay in Jamaica.

The food was very good and the staff were great. Certainly if you have children this would be the place to go. The daycare staff is dedicated and have to see we heard no upset children at all. They are working on a little water part for the kids which is good.

Loved the fact that we didn’t have a towel card or a wrist band. And the resort size was perfect. The staff were attentive and the memory of most of them was almost uncanny!

The guys loved the golf. Beach was wonderful.

Just a couple of points where they could improve:

The pool bar was also the kids pool. I get that if you want to keep an eye on your children but typically this is a great way for those of us with no children escape little ones so we did miss that. They do have three pools so an adult pool with bar would have been great.

Although the rooms were clean and fresh, no mustiness, I did think they were a little outdated. There were areas in the resort that could have used updates. But overall, we had a wonderful time.Thanks Agnes!

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