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I always have such a great time on all trips you have helped me plan, Monica.

My Travel Consultant: Monica Purdon

Laura, Srathroy, ON - (trip to Vietnam)

I had  a fantastic time in Vietnam and the Geckos tour was great!  It was really the best of both worlds with this tour since all the transportation and accommodation were arranged but in each place it was a lot of free time to do whatever you wanted!  I did end up doing a lot of the excursions they offered but they were all reasonably priced!  And the food, oh man, where to start!  The food was absolutely amazing and oh so cheap!!!!  It was good that we had the tour guide with us to recommend places to go because he brought us so a few places that I would never just walk into and the food ended up being soooo good!  I am surprised I didn’t come home 500lbs.

People were not kidding about the traffic though, it was probably the most shocking thing and hardest to get used to.  But by the end of the trip, I could cross the road, somewhat confidently haha.  They say in Saigon there are 9 million people and 7 million motorbikes, so it was crazy!  I loved all the places we went with the tour but I am very glad we continued on and did more on our own.  It was very easy to arrange transportation and book tours as you go to.  We added on a tour to Sapa ( where we went up into the mountains on a sleeper bus and spent a night at a hotel and night at a home stay and hiked through the mountains with the local women….it was absolutely amazing!!! I would strongly recommend that anyone going to Vietnam add on Sapa….it was just such amazing scenery and culture and just was so much fun!  We also went to the national park Phong Nha at the end as well.  This place was really cool because there was so many caves and scenery here too!  We did a day tour where we got to go and explore 2 of the popular caves there…paradise cave which was just huge and amazing and then the dark cave where we zip lined and swam to the entrance of the cave and then hiked through it with headlamps and such to a mud bath at the end.   Liz ended up staying to do a few more places in Vietnam and I headed to Bangkok for my last couple days before I came home.  It was all in all an awesome trip and I am so glad that we choose Vietnam to do!  

Thanks, Monica, for helping us book everything. I always have such a great time on all trips you have helped me plan.  Its always nice knowing that things are all arranged and that if I have any issues I can always come to you!  Thanks so much!  

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