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Beaches Resort in Turks and Caicos was just amazing!

My Travel Consultant: Jennifer Chedore, CTC

Kirsten, London, ON - (trip to Turks and Caicos Islands)

The service, food, everything was just perfect and worth the cost. Is it worth paying that much for a week? Yes and no. You can still have an amazing week away for almost half of the cost. But not being allowed to tip, having a restaurant open all the time (there are so many!) and having free actives (snorkel, scuba, glass bottom boat..) does add to the value.  

The concierge level was good.  They made our reservation at the only reservation restaurant as soon as we arrived.  There were full bottles of liquor and beer and champagne (woo hoo) and pop and juice and water in the fridge (no concierge means water only). A guy arrived at 10:55am on check out day to take our bags (we didn't call him).  Other than that we didn't use the concierge.  I think no concierge also means no room service, which we didn't do anyway. 

After three nights, the PING PING PING sound in the wall (elevator) was driving me nuts.  I hear every little sound.  I walked over to the lobby and asked for any other room at all as long as it was quiet.  I wasn't expecting much because it was March Break. They put us in a two bedroom villa.  OM*G it was such a treat.  It was huge with two bathrooms.  It was the bottom half of a townhouse. Spoiled!!!

The scuba place was good, but not as good as other places Craig has dived with.  It wasn't too difficult to schedule the dives, but the dive staff members were just ok. The diving was amazing (sharks, yes sharks ugh.)

The only village we would avoid is the Italian one because it is so busy. We ended up at the French pool a lot.  It was quieter and really close to the water park.  Key West is really nice and quiet, but the pool is very small.  The Caribbean area is very relaxed.  I loved it but none of the room types work for us.  

I want to go to Turks and Caicos Islands


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