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Couple loved their Insight coach tour of Scandinavia

My Travel Consultant: Heather Hines, CTM, ACC

Linda and Dave, London, ON - (trip to Norway)

We had a full, enjoyable two week immersion in Nordic culture, and after travelling 3000 km by bus we have lots of pictures to organize. There were 38 travelling companions from a variety of places (Saudi Arabia, India, New Zealand, Australia, Georgia, North Carolina, New York State, California, Philippines, 3 Canadians, a British tour guide and Hungarian driver). Fortunately the group was generally within the same age range and everyone got along well.

Some days the bus ride was long and there was a general consensus, which most people expressed on the Insight survey, that the trip should be a couple of days longer or a few km shorter. I felt that we got a good sampling of the highlights and there was a variety of optional excursions to meet different interests. There was never any pressure from the tour guide to sign up for the optionals. Some people participated in all of them while others were more selective. We participated in only one excursion because we felt that their prices were inflated and that we could usually do the same visit on our own for sometimes half the price. (i.e the Vasa Museum in Stockholm). The included guided walking tours were always good. 

For the most part the accommodations were 4 star, but in a couple of smaller centers there obviously wasn't a lot of choice. Due to the distances travelled some days we didn't arrive at the hotel destination until early evening, so that by the time you got your luggage, got settled, and had dinner you didn't see too much of the town or hotel. It was simply a place to sleep before heading out early the next morning. The breakfasts were included each day and usually offered a good selection. Complimentary wine and beer was served at the welcome dinner, a mid-trip dinner and the final dinner. 

I think the biggest advantage to this coach trip is the fact that we got to see a lot of the interior of Norway and the fjords. Flying from city to city would be faster and give more time in each location but you wouldn't see the countryside. Train travel would be faster, but the coach tour allowed for more incidental scenic stops and a better opportunity to experience the little towns, resort areas and lovely countryside. After seeing the size of the cruise ships, the idea of sailing around the fjords didn't appeal to us either. Fortunately there weren't many ships sailing yet, so we weren't competing with the large number of people disembarking into port. 

A number of the people on the trip had travelled with Insight before and obviously enjoyed their different itineraries. Depending upon the country and availability of other travel/tour options we would consider travelling with Insight again. There are pros and cons to coach travel but overall we had a good trip without any serious complaints.

Thanks, Heather, for helping us once again. Haven't decided where to go next but we still have lots of places on our bucket list!

I want to go to Norway


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