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I hope we can book another vacation soon and you can be sure we will contact you first!

My Travel Consultant: Jennifer Chedore, CTC

Alicia and Andrew, London, ON - (trip to Miami FL USA)

We loved the Norwegian Caribbean cruise. Everything was great and we took advantage of the 3 story waterslides onboard and the pool and hot tubs. We went out to a bunch of the different events and competitions going on. We even met another couple on the first day who we ended up spending quite a bit of our time with and that was excellent because we are social people and enjoy doing things in groups. 

We only ended up eating at a couple of the specialty restaurants but they were fantastic and we caught a show at the Illusionarium on board and that was great fun too.

We only did one excursion though we both wished we could have afforded to do more! We went Crystal Cave Tubing in Belize which we both highly recommend to anyone. It was beautiful and delightful and you can't imagine how impossibly old these caves are or how large they are! They had cathedral ceilings! It was a really great experience and we had to take most of those pictures on a water-proof disposable camera (because of the lazy-river tubing aspect) so we can't wit to get them developed and see what (if anything) turned out.

Each port was really beautiful and we went ashore to see most of them except Cozumel as it was the last port and mostly shopping, and by that point we were all shopped out. We mostly bought gifts for loved ones but we did get ourselves an expensive keepsake each and were very satisfied with that.

Honduras has a very beautiful landscape and we wish we could have done a bus tour through it but it certainly wasn't a place where we felt free to explore outside of the main tourist port area- we were very wary of the eyes on our bags as we moved around. That was probably the hottest day of the cruise too. The air was like hot soup- very hard to breath. But we went anyway with our new friends and had a good time as we did with most of the other ports. But my favourite was definitely Belize.

The travel from airport to hotels to the pier, etc. went over more smoothly than expected and I can't thank you enough for your detailed outline and information packet. It helped us out quite a lot and I could not have imagined planning such a thing on my own! Too many details but it went over beautifully and thankfully, anything we were unsure of, Andrew and I are the sort of people that immediately decide to ask someone, so it all worked out in the end.

Thanks again for all your efforts here - it was a great experience and one we won't forget. I hope we can book another vacation soon and you can be sure we will contact you first!

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