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Our kids keep begging us to take them back to St. Lucia!!

My Travel Consultant: Jennifer Chedore, CTC

Cathy and Neil, London, ON - (trip to St. Lucia)

We LOVED Coconut Bay resort in St. Lucia! The fact that it was literally 2 minutes from the airport was a HUGE plus, especially after the 5 hour flight. The Concierge check in was wonderful, we were greeted with drinks and fresh Spa moist towels to cool off. Our Concierge explained everything to us quickly and took our alcohol selections and then escorted us up to our rooms that were clean and ready. He also had all of our a la carte reservations made for us ahead of time so we didn't have to organize that at all, although we didn't end up using them (more on that later). 

It was the perfect sized resort for our family, the kids were able to have fun and didn't have to walk forever which was a huge bonus for my oldest who has special needs. He was able to go back up to our room for little breaks whenever he needed and it wasn't far to go. With our balcony over the main Splash pool he was also able to keep an eye on the rest of us that were at the pool still (usually my hubby was on room duty with him - he loves air conditioning and was quite happy to sit in the room with his book).

The staff were friendly, the food was great. Our only problem was that our kids wake up so early, and spend all their time out doors so when dinner time came (6pm at the earliest) they were wiped and couldn't really handle the a la cartes and were having a hard time waiting for the buffet to open at 6. A time of  5 or 5:30 that would have been better for us, but maybe that is just our family. The grill was open at that time, but that kitchen is shared with the Italian a la carte, so the staff weren't too pleased with us coming to order a pizza for the kids when they were getting ready for the a la carte menu. But there weren't really any other options with starving kids. SO we started pre-planning for these issues as the week went on and took some items out of the buffet at lunch to keep in our room fridge for the kids to munch on as a pre dinner snack. We did receive food amenities in our room daily but they were fancy appetizer style foods that the kids didn't like.

The pools were perfect! We discovered that they were open 24/7! That was amazing! That first night when we arrived it was about 5 or 6 pm, we had dinner and the kids were begging me to go in the pool. I was afraid that we wouldn't be able to go in because it would close at 8 pm (which other resorts I have been to have done), but they told us we can swim whenever we like! So we swam the first night in the rain until about 9 pm! My kids are early risers, and we were the first ones in the pool everyday before breakfast! The swim up bar was great, the kids loved being able to swim up and get a fancy drink just for them. 

The beach wasn't the best, but we walked down to the Paradise Beach section that the resort had all cleaned out and swam there. But we knew the beach wasn't going to be white sand etc. so it didn't bother us at all. With my son's sensory issues, the nice warm clean pool was all he really wanted. Kids Club had lots of activities and they gave us a kids club kit which consisted of a Water bottle that changes colour (kids loved), a t-shirt, a hat and a small sac to carry things in. The kids felt special and my little one wears his hat daily still!

It was a great trip. We did an excursion through Air Canada and the rep gave us the private tour without charging us for a private tour. We were a group of six, and she also didn't want my son overwhelmed by strangeers or crowds. Everyone was really accommodating to him. We did the Volcano, Mud Bath, and Caribbean Sea trip. It was a long day, but a good day with great memories.

All in all, it was a fantastic trip, everything was wonderful, and we had a smooth travel experience. 

I want to go to St Lucia


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