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Our trip to Mexico was a welcome relief and a great family vacation. You are great at what you do!

My Travel Consultant: Monica Purdon

Gar and Gail, Strathroy, ON - (trip to Huatulco Mexico)

The trip to Las Brisas Huatulco, Mexico, was great. The resort was big but well spread out and you did not feel overwhelmed, rolling topography at the resort with lots of walking or carts to take you from point A to Point B. 

Breakfasts were great, lunches were terrible (we did not go after day 2 of the same...) and suppers were OK (after Azores or Algarve or even Bermuda the al a carte choices were OK, but the atmosphere was try to get them in and get them was good at some and just Ok at others.).

We went into town for two suppers and they were very relaxing and great food, reasonably priced, so very nice.  Service and staff were excellent, except last day transfer the bus did not come to get us and they had to scramble to get alternate transport to airport, ourselves and another couple with two young kids were waiting for almost 1 hour at the hotel and were close to taking a cab and then finally it came.  WestJet was great, shorter than I had thought, 5 hours there and 4.5 hours back.

There were 3 beaches at resort, one nearest us had a coral reef you could snorkel around and we saw tons of fish. Gail saw a sea turtle one morning, and a couple of eels.  We went on two boat tours: first day we were deep sea fishing (nothing caught) and saw several turtles, rays, and dolphins, but second day the captain (Juan Moreno) found this pod of dolphins that was beyond words, we would say well over 2,000 dolphins, some babies, some full breach with spinning (called spinning dolphins as per captain) several times, it was magical!  Then we went on to the national park up the coast and walked on secluded beaches and next beach Taylor, Gail and I snorkeled while Joclyn was resting on beach, when I heard Taylor through his snorkel say “ sea turtle” and I turned and looked down and just about 5-6 feet under me a 24-20” diameter sea turtle went right under me

Then we stopped at Sainte Augustine (shanty town at end of park) and had the kids appreciate what they have and possibly the best lunch we have had in a long time! Weather was perfect and water was perfect. 

Thanks, Monica, you are great at what you do!!!!!

I want to go to Huatulco


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