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Thank you so much for your work in planning/ booking our recent vacation to Mexico.

My Travel Consultant: Agnes Segeren-Pethick, CTC

Carol and family, Stratford ON - (trip to Cancun Mexico)

All the instructions, travel arrangements, flights, transfers etc. to the Ocean Turquesa, Mexico, went very smoothly.   The resort was beautiful and well kept.  We were taken aback when we returned to our room mid morning (one of the first mornings) to  find them spraying a very strong smelling insecticide inside our room.  The smell seemed to have lessoned by evening when we returned, but this was still unsettling and concerning considering that was where we were sleeping for the next week.  In hindsight we should have asked to change rooms but would have had no way of knowing that the alternate room was not similarly treated. We had previously been told when our rooms were not all on the same floor that the resort was full.....the assigned rooms were fine.

The first half of our stay was quite cool so we welcomed the beautiful warmth and sunshine of the last half of the stay with only a short shower of rainfall one morning.  As we know the weather is always an unknown with no guarantees.   

We enjoyed taking part in the yoga, water aerobics and Zumba/Salsa  sessions.  Also there  were always fun, noisy, interactive games/activities going  on at the one large pools  while the other pool and beach was quieter which gave you the choice which was great.  We enjoyed long, daily walks on the beach and all the resorts seemed to be doing their best to daily remove the constant   inflow of seaweed onto the beach. 

The food seemed to be the weakest link at this resort.  The temperature of most of the hot food at the buffet was cool  and the hard ice cream was runny.   We did enjoy the food at the Italian and Japanese restaurants.  We also got  to love the small coffee and dessert shop where you could get a hot coffee after your lunch as the large snack bar close to the beach and pool offered no coffee.  They went to a lot of work to put on a Medieval Feast outdoors one evening.  Lots of costumes and decorations.   We laughed as it wasn't until someone came along with the light on their cell phone that we could actually see the  food we were putting on our plates and we ate at 7:30 so not terribly late.  The fruit was always plentiful and delicious. 

We cannot comment too much on the nightly entertainment.  We did attend the karaoke night and their production of Grease.  Both were entertaining and the Grease performance was superior to a lot of resort entertainment we have experienced in the past.  

We did have a very relaxing, enjoyable week with family.  My above feedback is only designed to provide information to you regarding our experience at the Ocean Turquesa resort.  It is not meant to be negative, but an honest picture of how we experienced things there.

Thank-you again, Agnes, for your travel assistance.

I want to go to Cancun


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