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We had a fun time at the Iberostar Grand in Mexico

My Travel Consultant: Heather Hines, CTM, ACC

Sheri and Paul, London, ON - (trip to Cancun, Mexico)

The Iberostar Grand is quite opulent. Very clean and very well maintained and consistent with other Iberostar resorts we have visited.  The size of the resort was just right, but we found the food less than spectacular.

Our sons were placed quite a distance from us which was fine for them. They mostly did their own thing and just met up with us periodically throughout the day. When speaking to some of the star friends, we were told the resort was only about 52% occupied. I suspect that is why the guys were placed further away.  They probably fill the back two buildings first and then work forward. We rarely saw anyone in our building so suspect the other ocean front building fills first and then they move over to the one we were in. We had a lovely view and loved being right on the water. Rooms were nicely decorated and service was great. Our mini fridge was restocked daily and we had fresh towels twice a day.

It took us a few days to discover all of the amenities. There was a billiards room with two tables (even though we played almost every night, we didn't improve!) and other lounges which we didn't use. The lobby bar in the evening was nice. We wandered over to the commercial plaza a few times and the guys went to the late night disco over there almost every night and hooked up with some people that were staying at the Maya. The theatre was quite nice with multi level bistro tables and seating. The shows were fantastic: the best we have seen at any resort. Very talented professional singers and dancers. One thing we found different then some other places we've been was that there was more indoor areas. We enjoy being outside, even in the evening but sometimes the only way to get somewhere was to go inside.

The guys used the "quiet pool" for their swim workouts but we sat by the big activities pool so we could see the ocean. We all participated in many of the games and contests and we all won prizes. That big pool was salt water which we were not crazy about but it was fine for the most part. Paul and I tried the scuba in the pool and quite liked it. Not sure if it will lead to anything but something to consider. We all did a snorkelling excursion from the dive shop on the resort. It was only a 10 minute boat ride and the reef was beautiful. The coral and vegetation were the most spectacular we have seen. We got to see some cool fish- pretty standard to other places but our son found a lion fish inside a rock crevice and the guys both saw a puffer fish. We saw a ray and got to hold a star fish. Our sons went deep sea fishing from another resort just down the road with a local boat.  

We quite enjoyed walking along the beach, especially to the south where there were no other resorts. The coral along the shoreline made it interesting. I found a few treasures along the beach, some sea urchins, sea urchin skeletons and a starfish along with the usual pieces of coral and shells. Other services we partook in were kayaking, jet ski, going to the gym, massage, body surfing and lots of sports and games. 

The staff were all fantastic. The Star Friends were the best we have had, as far as just enough persuasion without nagging. Super friendly.  The wait staff and cleaning staff were great. Everyone was so friendly and proud to help. They really are a wonderful group of people who genuinely love what they do and are happy to have you there. 

There were quite a few Americans there but also lots of people from Argentina. We met some from Peru. Other Canadians were there and there was someone from France.  The staff said their busiest time is May to September when they are full all the time. Christmas and New Years are also busy times for them. 

Thanks a lot for everything, Heather.

I want to go to Cancun


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