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We had a wonderful time with the Cuba cruise and, for us, it was a truly great way to see Cuba

My Travel Consultant: Heather Hines, CTM, ACC

Jim and Nancy, London ON - (trip to Havana Cuba)

We had a wonderful time with the Transat Cuba Cruise and, for us, it was a truly great way to see Cuba, rather than being situated for a week in a resort and possibly only seeing something close by.  As you know, we made five stops while going around the perimeter of the island, and each one was unique.  This was, to us, the way to learn about the country and the people.  Jim and John were, of course, quite enthused about the old cars and how many of them are still running.  The Cuban people have had to be very creative in order to keep the cars running because they have no place to buy car parts when they quit.  We were also surprised about how many Americans there were in Cuba and on the ship.

For two tours (Cienfuegos and Alcala/Biran), we booked from the onboard selection and had their chosen tour guides, and our other tour (Havana) we took from a friend-of-a-friend.  One day we spent at the beach (beautiful) and the day at Santiago, we just used someone on the street with an old car.

The food onboard was adequate (each dinner had 3 meat choices and 1 vegetarian) so there were no complaints. Our room was fine (queen bed, loveseat, chair) and a good sized window.  The ship was clean and the staff very friendly.  Our only point would be if you have clients who have only travelled on more upscale ships, they would probably be disappointed.  We knew from the get-go that this was an older ship so we were not disappointed with the amenities. 

Our only real surprise was the casino. We were led to believe that everything onboard was in Canadian funds, but the casino only accepted euros (probably because they were from Greece) but that should be communicated in their literature or information sessions.  We were not impressed with the cruise director (he could be a bit arrogant) and the fact that he repeated everything in 5-6 languages.  We also thought the onboard communication and organization needed some help.

We were quite satisfied with our Cuba cruise.

I want to go to Havana


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